Monday, April 27, 2015

The Richardson Coalition Almost Got the Message

This year’s voter’s guide from the Richardson Coalition stands in stark contrast to previous voter’s guides. They still have a ways to go. Or better yet, go away and hide.

As far as I can see, the Richardson Coalition has just two recommendations, place 1 and place 4.

Here is what they had to say about Claudia. “We requested information from Ms. Tatum and she declined our request … We cannot evaluate or support a person who has not demonstrated her understanding of the issues or her preparedness for holding office.”

Good for Claudia for not talking with the coalition. The more distance she can put between herself and them the better.

As for Rick Wilder, they were kinder. They did not demean him in any way I see, just said Bob would be a better candidate.

I disagree, given everything going on, Rick will get my vote.


It seems the Richardson Coalition for the most part is trying to repair its image of being the city’s #1 organization of politics of personal destruction.

A zebra cannot change its stripes.

A vote for Rick and Claudia and no votes for any of the other places will help send a message, a message that needs to be sent for the benefit of Richardson.


  1. The Wheel: Rick and Mabel with a well-reasoned argument against Townsend.

    Claudia vs Mabel is more based on Claudia's silence or poor performance, but Mabel gets points on her real estate experience.

    Looking forward to Tue big reveal by the " Independent " investigation.

  2. On Claudia, reports are she's difficult to work with, inflexible, and very inexperienced. I agree the coalition needs to be knocked down, but according to people who've interacted with her, Claudia is difficult to deal with, doesn't bring a lot to the table, and is often outright combative.

  3. Anonymous 1:05. I have met with her twice, for a total of 5 hours. In my opinion, she was extremely intelligent and engaged. She seemed to have a good handle on matters, not exactly what I think, but smart enough to make up her own mind. Her credentials are impressive to me, may not be to others. I would suggest you give her a call and find out for yourself first hand. Thanks for the comment.

  4. The Richardson coalition is well know for poisoning the well by calling people "crazy" or "hard to work with" or whatever the insult is of the moment.

  5. DC, how on earth did you get Claudia Tatum to take a meeting? She refuses all forums, refuses to answer questionaires, refuses to sit down and visit with anyone who wants to learn about her positions. "Hard to work with" doesn't have to be a rumor; Tatum has proven it to even the League of Women Voters. Simpson may be establishment but at least she shows up.

    1. Hi anonymous 5:26. I messaged her on facebook. Told her I would like to meet her and talk to her. Really, nothing special. Me, her and a friend of mine met her and talked for about four hours. For what my opinion might be worth, I was very impressed with her understanding of Richardson and even more so by her being so intelligent. I have lots of smart people, most are smarter than me, but I was truly impressed with her.
      The second meeting we talked for about an hour.
      I have no idea why other would find it difficult to make contact and meet with her.
      As for not attending forums, it was a surprise that she didn't attend most of them. For what ever reason she decided forums would not be the best use of her time I guess. I didn't ask her why. But I was also impressed that she wanted to walk door to door and talk to people. It would definitely be easier to do forums. As for Mabel, I have zero bad things to say about her. I judged her to be an insider because Slagel was hugging her up at city hall when she filed. That's the worse I can say about her. I have heard nothing bad about her, smart, dedicated, and other positive thing, nothing negative.
      I hope that answers your question. Thanks for your comment and question