Saturday, April 11, 2015

So, Where to From Here?

Anonymous April 11, 2015 at 12:00 AM - All this outrage is great. Now what do we, as concerned citizens do about it? Who can we contact with the authority to do something about this? Those on the council are kept very much in the loop, as this is how the coalition keeps them in line. They love the perks, prestige and admiration that comes with the job. They all have incredible egos and think they can never be caught doing anything wrong. They sell their souls to stay where they are. Time to rally the people, but how? Cheri, Nathan, David, William, and so many others have recognized what is going on for years and have been called crazy.
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~ Now what do we, as concerned citizens, do about it? ~
That is the question. It is up to the citizens to look, question, learn and act.



  1. Election day May 9, 2015 so here's what's on my list:

    - Attend or watch videos from candidate forums
    - Have a couple of "what did you know, when did you know it and if you said nothing, how can you claim to be eligible for office for another term" questions ready
    - Ponder whether the "find volunteer Council winners who will resign to throw this mess to an election" makes any sense at all.
    - Work with the Wilder campaign to spread the word
    - Try to decide between the two other new candidates for Kendall's vacancy (those 2 seem like decent additions so might be a tough choice)
    - With at least 8 new neighbors who've moved to our street and adjacent streets, be certain they know where to vote and have information regarding the incumbents and new candidates

  2. Tonight....attend the council meeting and speak out.

    1. Good luck! Although they have some very important items already on the agenda:
      -- Cityline Development Update
      -- Wildflower Festival Update
      -- The vote to name the dog park "Bush Central Barkway"
      -- A few sign and smoking variances

      Looks like a pretty full agenda. Don't know if they'll have time for much else. :-)