Thursday, April 2, 2015

Richardson Politic Bombshell in the Making

Today someone sent me a copy of a “Local Government Officer Conflicts Disclosure Statement” dated 3/19/2015. It seems to be coming at a late date, considering.  It also appears this may be an attempt to provide cover for possible misbehavior. It also appears that this conflict of interest may go back several years. At least that is what I am being told. Given the whisperings floating around, it now makes sense that a conflict of interest form would be filed, even if it is at such a late date.

In the conflict of interest statement, item 4, asks for a description of the nature and extent of employment or business relationship with the person named in item 3. The reasons listed in item 4, for the conflict of interest, are Leasing, Marketing & Communications. What is not listed as a reason for a conflict makes it even more interesting given the rumors circulating and the whisperings of people in the know.
The rumors have been churning for almost a year now. Where there is smoke, it is possible for there to be fire. Given how long the rumors have been circulating, the rest of the council probably knows something is not right, and the city administrators also probably know something might not be right. There are a lot of people in powerful positions that could have or should have known something was not right. They have all be silent and no statements have been made about possible wrong doing.

Given that the votes for the Palisades deal, and maybe other deals, may have been voted upon under a questionable set of circumstances, the Palisades deal should probably be halted.

If questionable actions being circulated are true, and if the other council members had knowledge of questionable actions while making the votes, then the entire city council should be probably be recalled. There is some serious and truthful explaining that needs to be done.

The City Manager works for and answers to the city council. The police chief works for and answers to the city manager. Local law enforcement would probably not be the best to investigate for possible wrong doing.

It is probably time to bring in outside law enforcement, those with little or no association with Richardson officials like the Texas Ranger or FBI, to investigate for possible public official corruption.

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  1. Divorce final and sealed, December, 2014; ex-husband paid 100K plus for his share of residence; $$$$$$$???spent on home renovation; Laura unemployed other than $50 per meeting honorarium: Laura knows, or should have known immediately post divorce she needed to "provide" for her family and how much time mayoral duties took. Still, late February, Laura files for re-election one and a half hours before filing deadline.

    Only on March 19,2015, does she file conflict of interest indicating employment with JB Realty Partners/Sooner Management then. Ostensibly, she should begin receiving compensation only from that date.

    So where did the money come from to payoff the ex spouse and pay for the home renovations? Does this look bad? Yes. Does it smell worse?
    Yes. To quiet the rampant suspicions swirling about this situation, Ms. Maszcka should make public the source of those funds-unless doing so would confirm those suspicions.

    And what about every one of her colleagues on the Council - some of whom claim they just became aware of her connection with developer Jordan when he was in attendance at Laura's side at the city Christmas party? Their response was typical of that group-they heard no evil, they saw no
    evil, and they are speaking no evil - in public, anyway. For such a close knit group, it seems implausible they were not aware of Ms. Maczka's longer term very personal relationship with Mr . Jordan, and did not question her about it. These individuals seem satisfied to indulge in and enjoy free outings, entertainment, food, and following management proposals with perfunctory or no questions before approval of said proposals. Integrity and the public interest as evidenced by their lack of action/inaction must rank too far down the list for them to consider.

  2. Should be interesting who Ms. Maczka is willing to offer up if and when the FBI and the US Attorney's Office make a case on her (and her lover boy) for bribery.