Thursday, April 2, 2015

Laura on Facebook - She Confirms She Will Not be The Next Mayor

Laura Gibbs Maczka

1 min ·

There have been questions about my role as mayor for the City of Richardson for the next term. After much prayer and conversations with my family, I have made the decision that I will not serve as mayor for the 2015-2017 term and intend to submit a declination of such office at the city council meeting at which the election canvass will be conducted. My focus will be on my family, my health and professional career. I'm proud of what we as a community have accomplished. I am confident that Richardson will continue to be a successful community to live, work, play and invest.


  1. Uh oh. Looks like the Richardson City Council hoodwinked the citizens back in November of 2012 after the Charter Change election that authorized adding language for the direct election of the Mayor.

    They sneaked in a provision that had nothing to do with direct election of the Mayor in Section 3.03.

    It says the Council will ordain the Mayor Pro-Tem as the Mayor if the Mayor quits.

    That pretty much puts us back where we started. The City Council modified the Charter unlawfully to allow appointment of the Mayor. Gotta love those rascals.

  2. Maybe there are other prescriptions for those rascals!

  3. Den of thieves, they are. The Charter Change election of 2012 we all approved says nothing about the Council appointing a replacement. It simply says we authorized them to change it to enable DIRECT ELECTION OF THE MAYOR. Appointing a Mayor does not equal electing a Mayor!!!

  4. Love that default to the junk yard dog lawyer for the city. He's going to decide how the Mayor is replaced? Give him another bottle of vodka and sit him in the corner while the sober public decides who the next Mayor will be.

  5. I am glad that the Dog Park was not placed at City Hall. There is enough **** already there. When will the citizens wake up? Probably not in my life time.

  6. "I am confident that Richardson will continue to be a successful community to live, work, play and invest."

    ... as if we thought those things would all go away without her sterling leadership. What a freaking joke.