Friday, January 30, 2015

Top Restaurant in Richardson (according to the City Manager’s Credit Card)

Have you ever wondered where a person would eat if he didn’t have to pay for it himself? Well, while it is not something I have given much thought to in the past, I did think about it when I got copies of the city manager’s credit card.

'Moments before the beginning of a Richardson City Council meeting, council member Mark Solomon turns his attention from his strawberry dessert and taps Mayor Pro Tem Bob Townsend on the arm.
“I’ll make the motion,” he informs him.
Then Solomon returns to his strawberry, cuts it in half and looks up at council member Scott Dunn.
“This is good,” he says.
“Huh?” Dunn asks.
“This dessert. It’s good.”'

Most of the places he eats are places I have never been to. There were also several I have never heard of. But there were a few places I have been, like Café Amore (2 times), Cindi’s NY Deli (2 times), Pappadeaux Seafood (2  times), Soulman’s BBQ (more than a few times) and Southern Recipes (too many times to count).

For the city manager, it seems that Ye Shire Tavern is his most favorite place. During 2013-2014 he made 45 visits there and spent $2,188.15 of taxpayer’s money there with an average cost of $48.63 per visit. If you have ever watched or talked to the city manager, the last thing that would come to mind is that he is a lush. He would appear to be anything, but, sharp as a tack. So rather than buying a bunch of booze, it is probably the food he is interested in, and likely good food at that.

His second most favorite place appears to be the Renaissance Hotel Food Bar. During 27 visits there, the taxpayers have purchased almost $950 worth of food averaging about $35.18 per visit.

Where the most money was spent is Pappas Restaurants. Over the 2 year period $2,306.37 was spent. Given how thin the city manager is, it is pretty obvious he was not dining alone. Each visit averaged $576.59.

In total, on the city manager’s credit card, $14,902.41 was spent on food for the calendar years of 2013 through 2014. Each time he whipped out that credit card, the average spent was $65.08 on 229 visits at 59 different restaurants.
If he purchases that much food for himself and the ones who eat with him, it does get me to wondering how much food the taxpayers purchase for others in the city, like the council, other committees and board.

2013 – About $249,000

2014 – About $313,000 (for just January through November)

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