Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Public Arts - Yea or Ney?

It seems some of the leaders in Richardson think we have plenty of money, enough so that we can quit worrying about our needs and focus on our wants. Public Art.

Count me out as someone who supports the arts. There are no paintings in my house and everything I have is pretty much functional, rather than pretty, much. Gotta say when I go into a friend's decorated house though, it looks nice. I just don't spend a lot of time thinking about how to make things prettier.

So, something like this could be coming to Richardson soon:

From an email someone sent me that was addressed to the HOA presidents that indicated what the leaders of Richardson are planning for their version of public arts:

·         Public Art Master Plan – Shanna Sims-Bradish, Assistant City Manager

o   The Cultural Arts Master Plan recommended public art projects and a public art master plan.

o   The success of the Rocket demonstrated the potential for integration in capital projects.

o   Richardson in changing and growing.  Public art is being considered for new public capital projects and private development projects. A process needs to be in place to ensure the success of these projects.

o   Public input occurred almost monthly since December 2013

o   Vision of the Master Plan is that Public Art in Richardson will inspire a spirit of curiosity, openness, and civic purpose

§  This will be accomplished through carefully selected projects that:

·         Reinforce the city’s design character and urban pattern;

·         Express the identity of Richardson’s residential neighborhoods and business districts;

·         Embrace the city’s ongoing diversification – culturally, economically and creatively;

·         Engage people, inspire them and make them stop and think, and

·         Display the vibrancy of Richardson’s history, accomplishments and the technology contributions it has made to the world.

o   Mission of the City of Richardson Public Art Program will:

§  Commission public art at City parks, facilities and in City infrastructure,

§  Guide developers in commissioning public art that fulfills the goals of this plan, and

§  Foster creative collaborations that result in the presentation of public art throughout the city.

o   Public art is opportunities to create local identity and city image with parks and recreation and city facilities, neighborhood vitality projects, gathering place projects, streetscape projects as well as iconic artwork, trails, temporary art platforms, new media, and projects along Central Expressway Infrastructure.

o   Next steps include the City Council adopting the Public Art Master Plan, drafting and finalizing ordinances and resolutions related to public art, launching a communication plan, and developing an annual public art work plan and budget

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