Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Earthquake Swarm Hits the Dallas Area

Yesterday, about 3pm, got a text from my sister asking me "do you feel it?" my response was "feel what?" She said the earthquake. Nope, didn't feel it.

Last night while sitting back in my lazy boy chair, I did feel and hear something about 6:50. My first though was that my bird had once again escaped his cage and landed on the back of my easy chair. Looking over at the cage showed he was all fluffed up, standing on one leg, minding his own business and almost asleep.

Second though was a heavy truck went by and rattle the ground. Wasn't a truck either.

Third though was helicopter blades somewhere near. Wasn't that either.

So I called my sister and told he I felt that one, or was just imagining things. Reading the paper this morning would let me know which. So I finished doing what I was doing, watching the latest Revenge episode.

But now I know what a Dallas earthquake feels like. It feels like my bird fluttering down onto my lazy boy chair while I am enjoying relaxing.

Now I can check of one more thing I have been through. Some of the other things I hope not to experience: a tornado, a tsunami or a hurricane while on the coast. A tornado is most likely of the bunch.

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