Monday, August 5, 2013

DMN Story on Richardson Rental Home Ordinance and the View of a an Apparent Liberal

DMN present some facts and figures on the Richardson Rental ordinance. Richardson has about 2700 registered rental home and city officials have performed 1,022 inspections. You might wonder how many homes have failed the inspection and if you look for that answer one line down you will find that ONE home has failed the inspection. Those two numbers indicate to me that the residential rental home inspection is a solution looking for a problem. If so, it has not found a problem yet.

In trying to save face it seems the council will make the changes because it thought it might need a review. It is just pure coincidence that one of the first cases has been appealed and at the city’s urging, the case has been dropped because they were prosecuting Wendy Moore of a crime that does not exist. Richardson prosecuted her for not making the home available for inspection when the truth of the matter is that the tenant is the one who needs to make the property available for inspection.

The 4th amendment provides protection from the government unreasonable searches. Even centuries ago government power was a threat to individuals. From my point of view the constitution and amendment don’t give people rights but rather provide limits for what the government can do. The more you read about history the more you find out as more time goes by, the same problems exist about where government power end and citizens right begin. It seems some people prefer a government with few limitations; mostly it seems these people are more liberal and want to enlist the government to do their bidding and want government to enforce rules of the liberals in how the rest of society should behave. Here is a good example of that:

Spoken like a good and true liberal. Only the government knows best, the people are too dumb to know what to do on their own. So for those that don’t want to handover their 4th amendment rights just because the Richardson government thinks it may know best, you will now be thought of as empty-headed food-trough wiper? And btw, your mama was a hamster and your daddy was something else.

Something else to consider, the genesis of this ordinance was a backdoor way to deal with too many people living in a house. A clue to that was in last Monday night's presentation by Don Magner. He noted that with the exterior inspection they could still peek in windows to make sure there were not too many beds in a room. That was also where the parking ordinance originated. Back doors and underhanded behavior.


  1. "Regular review" my big toe!!!

    Can these councilpersons EVER admit to a mistake in judgement in public, or are they like the emperor who has no clothes?

    And Mr. Mitchell's comment, "That's what brings property values down - when you have homes that at least on the exterior do not meet the standards that WE feel (emphasis mine) they need to meet for health and safety reasons." Then, if Mr. Magner's statement is accurate, "...we can peek inside and see...." So now inspectors are peeping toms?

    And then there is the blogger who sees no difference between an inspector checking for a properly installed water heater - which, if done improperly, have health and safety issues - and unwanted or invited invasions of privacy by inspectors of your personal quarters.

    The signage at entrance of Richardson should have added, " We are never wrong, and we will never admit it".

  2. It's not a solution looking for a problem. It's a public servant looking for a bigger government paycheck. Wise up. There's nothing different about rental properties in Richardson, except the onerous regulations that are intended to control urban blight. The blight in Richardson is actually from owners. City Hall is on a hunt for revenue from any source to justify their phony-balony jobs. Too much overhead is the biggest problem Richardson has. Big government liberals rule this town.

  3. Mitchell is concerned for his own investments. He has joined the group of insiders who have rental property investments in Richardson. He represents the problem with Richardson's growning rental market.

    I guarantee a big surprise for any peeping tom at my window.

  4. Who orders staff to be a Peeping Tom? And what Council would choose to be silent when something that absurd is uttered. Is Magner a Peeping Tom to his neighbors? Unbelievable!

    Something bad will come out of this.