Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Another Email - About Just Getting Along

The same might be said about city councils. Richardson's Council, unfortunately, has no healthy debate about strategies and tactics; they are in lock step with what staff provides them. And more than one of them - Mr. Dunn and Mr. Solomon particularly - feel such unanimity is beneficial.

Maybe we could get Mayor Rawlings to chair one of Richardson's Council meetings. Wouldn't that be interesting!

Someone needs to tote up the costs for our disadvantaged employees'

Salary increases - want a wager those numbers are higher than the dollars being proposed for our crumbling road system?


  1. Bunch of butt buddies and skirt chasers. What a crew we have working for us. How did we ever allow this to happen in Richardson?

  2. The Coalition! No one will run because the Coalition has no integrity and does not mind ruining good people's reputation with lies and scare tactics. Maybe the DMN will come investigate the Richardson Council and get the real story out there.

    1. Won't happen. The City pays the DMN too much money in advertising to go consciously go against the City Management. They like to engage some writer for any upcoming announcement. It is a better partner relationship than truth seeking journalism.

  3. Wouldn't it be great to have Rawlings or at least someone like him to be our Mayor of Richardson. Someone who invites and demands discussion and debate for the better of our city. Not a puppet. Definitely need a shake up of council people. There is not much smarts or integrity representing Richardson.