Saturday, June 1, 2013

Something Might Be Wrong with the TEA Party ...

... when they can't see past religion.

It seems that Cathie Adams, President of the Texas Eagle Forum, only sees Muslims as sneaky and evil. Apparently, all of "them" are sneaky and evil according to her.

So I am guessing the message from her is that it isn't what you do or don't do in public office or in your life, all that matters is whether you are a Muslim or not. And if you are a Muslim, forget being treated as the rest of the American are supposed to be treated, even though you might be as American as the rest of us.

I hope the membership of the TEA Party that shares the views of Cathy Adams is proud of themselves and their actions.
Waiting for a response from the Richardosn Tea Party leadership....


1 comment:

  1. This is the kind of personality disorder that resulted in her losing the top seat at the RPT. She once was somewhat respected. Now ousted for radical positions and loose accounting, she continues the down hill slide.