Friday, May 3, 2013

What Did You Expect James JB Blocker?

Since when is a bought and paid endorsement an article? Well, I guess since this latest election cycle in Richardson.

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Some guy in McKinney did a piece on Laura Maczka. It has all the appearances of it being a very nice article and favoring Laura Maczka for mayor. You don’t find out until the end that what it really happens to be is a paid for piece political advertising. I really don’t care that Laura paid the blogger to write the piece. But it seems to have duped even her friends. It reminds me how of the Richardson Coalition. The Richardson Coalition depends totally upon being able to dupe their followers with misinformation and even lies.

What made this screen shot really stick out was the last line. James JB Blocker says “Mike Maczka, I am seeing lots of Reads on this article but not SHARES! Pass it on!”

It is really funny to see people playing this political advertising up as an endorsement. Usually an endorsement is given, not purchased. This ploy of Laura Maczka and her supporters to play this up and anything other than political advertising is hilarious. Some people will buy and believe anything.



  1. picture not found...

  2. "Great Article about our Mayoral Effort!"

    You mean, "Great Ad." I really thought Laura was a more honest person...

  3. Campaign finance reports are in! Laura paid $800 for that ad.