Thursday, May 2, 2013

People Are Waking Up To The Richardson Coalition Tactics ...

... and it seems they are very unhappy with them. There is another letter to the editor about the very negative actions of this group and how their action are back-firing. It seems Laura Maczka has lost another vote ultimately because she did not put distance between herself and the Richardson Coalition.

Richardson mayoral candidate Laura Maczka’s negative campaign might backfire

I have a Laura Maczka for Richardson mayor sign in my front yard. But the hit-job flyer that the Richardson Coalition has put out made me reconsider my support.
I even considered not voting, but the people who put out that kind of thing don’t really care if I vote or not. They’re in someone’s pocket, and I’d like to know whose pocket that is.
Negative campaigning doesn’t have to work, and unless Ms. Maczka comes out and plainly denounces the attack on her opponent, I might vote against the person who’s sign I have in my own front yard.
Lin Lofley, Richardson


  1. Kudos to you, and I agree with your position whole-heartedly. Regardless who wins, we ALL lose with these type of tactics which have NOTHING to do with what ideas & leadership either will provide.

    We, the citizens, deserve better and a higher moral & ethical standard than what the so-called Coalition touts.

    As a matter of fact, ALL council members should denounce this behavior and repudiate their low standards not to mention returning any cash they have received from it and/or their 'members' whoever they may be.

  2. Anon @ 5/02/13 4:50 PM

    That's not going to happen. What MIGHT HAPPEN is those individuals now holding Council seats will hopefully begin to grasp citizens want their concerns dealt with before the small group that chose and supported them for their seats, before developers looking for a city payout for their quick payout, and real examination of circumstances prior to enhancing staff pay or benefits.

  3. All you have to do is look at Laura's latest campaign finance report to know where Laura's bread is buttered. There are some really big developer money being handed out.... Here is where the tables are turned and fighting continues.