Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's A Record Breaker!

That was the message yesterday when I voted. Day before yesterday, Monday, broke every record for early voting. It seems that it is still going strong.

Here is the text from Amir Omar's email about the record breaking activity.

It’s a Record Breaker!
Voter turnout is on a record pace and there is no sign of it slowing down! With two days in the books, we are at twice the number of votes cast in any recent city election. This level of voter participation is why we always advocated for your right to directly elect your Mayor - even when it was politically unpopular.

Let's keep this up! Every voice should be heard. You worked hard to get this opportunity and our chance to send a message loud and clear is finally here!

City Hall remains the best place to vote from 8-5 through this Friday. I have been honored to already shake hundreds of hands of people on their way in to cast a ballot for us, and would be thrilled to shake yours as well!

Aside from voting, we would love your help keeping this momentum up. Our HQ has been abuzz with activity and the work of volunteers looking to make their mark on this historic campaign! We would love you to join us as we drive towards the highest voter participation numbers Richardson has ever seen. You can make calls, talk to friends, or post supportive comments or campaign videos on Facebook to spread the word! Come by our Campaign HQ at 300 Terrace - even a few minutes during the day or after work will make a difference.

Let’s win this campaign together!

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Omar for Richardson

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