Monday, May 20, 2013

Anonymous Claims the Mayor Pro Tem Spot Is a Dunn Deal

Things could get more interesting in Richardson Politics in the near future if one anonymous commenter is correct. They make the claim that the deal has already been struck and Dunn is in as the mayor pro tem. I say go for it! Mr. Smurks-A-Lot might bring something to Richardson politics we have never seen before.  

The Mayor Pro-Tem has already been chosen behinds the scene with numerous calls to council members to convince them one way or another. The Coalition has selected Dunn has its candidate. Tonight's meeting will be token as the members cast their votes for a selection that has already taken place.

While anonymous might think that is the way they are going tonight, I still think the best mayor pro tem would be the former mayor. I am now going to probably get it from boths sides with this one post! Oh well.



  1. May I gently remind you there are two former mayors on the current city council.

  2. Keffler was once the orchestrator of the roving quorum to build consensus among the governmental body. It looks like that torch has been passed to someone else. Or, could it be that the governing body has roved amongst themselves on this one?

  3. Keep control tight by moving Townsend to ProTem.