Saturday, May 4, 2013

8 Day Campaign Finance Reports Are In … Laura Raised Over 41% of Her Donation from OUT OF TOWN


This will be a shocker for those whining about Amir Omar raising too much money from those out-of-towners. According to the 8 day political finance reports, Laura Maczka raised over 41% of her money ($14,250) from out of towners and in an unexpected twist, Amir Omar also raise 41% of his money ($15,905) from out of towners. Amir raise more money that Laura in Richardson as well. I wonder if people will still be whinning about the money Amir Omar raises from those outside Richardson.

According to the financial reports, Amir Omar has raised more in total funds Laura Maczka and has more donors. You will probably not have to wait very long for the Richardson Coalition to make their lies, again, and provide their spin to the reports.

It seems Laura Maczka made a boo-boo and forgot to completely disclose her expenses for the 30 days reports. She filed a correction to indicate she paid Murphy Turner $1000 on the 30 day reports. Hey, people make mistakes and that isn’t the bad part. The bad part, as far as I am concerned is getting into bed with the same political consultants that the Richardson Coalition used.

Just a quick count Amir listed 30 pages of donors which brought the total number of donor for the 8 days report to about 152 for #38,237.

Laura Maczka had 21 pages of donors listing 103 donors who contributed $34,659. It seems Laura lost once again when it comes to transparency. She failed to list the under $50 donors again.

Her good buddy former mayor Gary Slagel ponied up a whopping $100 for her. He must have felt guilty about that donation because he then gave her another donation for $150. The former chief’s wife got into the action with a $500 donation. You might remember some of those facebook posts where the former chief was showing off his roving hands on a certain candidate’s behind. By-gones, it was party time. Good enough excuse. John Murphy gave generously, $250. Bob Townsend stepped up and gave $250. William Keffler, after collecting almost half a million in vacation pay and sick pay over the past several years must have really been feeling generous to give Laura $250!

She even got some PAC money from Halff Associates State PAC, $500. From looking at their webpage it seems like a company that cities hire for various things. Dale Wamsted gave her some big bucks, $5000. Seems I remember the city paying for some infrastructure. Guess it is just payback for all that concrete, water and sewer line. Sweet deal! There was another $5000 from SAF 100 N Central LTD from Dallas. WW! Thank is going to make the Laura people unhappy. Almost a third of the money she raised listed in the report came from outside Richardson, and PAC money to boot.

Here is going to be the real kicker: That positive article and endorsement Laura got in that McKinney blog James J.B. Blocker, well it really wasn’t an endorsement. It was a political ad that she paid the guy to write for her, $800! Ha. Now isn’t that funny. Most of her friends are touting that as a very positive article for her when in fact it is nothing more than bought and paid for political advertising. I wonder is they are going to feel like chumps when they find out. While it is fine for Laura to pay for political advertising, it is a bit dishonest to push it off as an endorsement.

One very important thing I see missing on page 2 is the amount of money the Richardson Coalition (Residents for a Responsive Government) have spent on Laura Maczka’s behalf. So much for being more transparent than Amir Omar. Maczka Correction to 30 Day.pdf Maczka 8 Day.pdf Omar 8 Day.pdf


  1. I could have written a better article, no, a better ad, for less than $800! Laura didn't show good judgement about people's skills. Not a good thing for a potential leader of the city.

  2. Who knew those Coalitionists were so CHEAP! After seeing what Slagel et al gave, I feel like I overdonated to Amir.

  3. Money doesn't win the election. Keep the votes coming! Call every registered voter and get them to rub a few brain cells together and get some friction to realize what the Coalitionist Party is trying to pull on us.

    Get out the vote. In the end, that's all that matters.

  4. Dale Wamstad had zoning cases before the city this past year. The planning commission rejected the case. He appealed to the council and they passed it. Gotta grease the wheels with donations to make sure you can build your rejected apartment complexes.

  5. First criteria of serving on a Board or Commission in Richardson can be found in the words used during the interview process. BTW, this is why these "employment" interviews are conducted in secret.

    "If the Council decided to act contrary to the recommendations of the Board/Commission, would this be problematic for you?"

    I'm sure it is occasions such as this that cause those political appointees to rethink the hours of personal time donated to evaluate the merits of a project only to be trumped by a political pay-off by the council.

  6. Laura and Dale Wamstad are close buddies.

  7. Saf 100 n Central are the owners of the chase tower and surrounding properties.

  8. Incentivized contributions:

    Mr. Wamstad is the The Shire/Silver Fox/Texas and has designs next to it. Taxpayers built the road Infocom on his property. And the current decline by the CPC and approval by the council says more is in the future. He has given $7000 to Laura

    SAF is Chase Bank bldg entity of the developer Mr Fobare and currently under infrastructure "reviatalization" since the development plans in the TIF area did not pan out for anyone other than Pitcock Automotive. He also built Eastside in the TIF area. $5000 to Laura.

    Mr Gleason is Brick Row and really wants that $10m at 7% compounded interest to be paid some day. $2500 to Laura

    These are the mixed use developers of Richardson for all those apartments,uh, mixed use developments Laura says she is going to protect the neighborhoods from.

    Do ya think?

    And by the looks of her other donors, Slagel, Murphy, Keffler, Townsend and the broad list of other Coalition members, she really means what she says with affordable housing.

    Or maybe they just paid her to try and sway her.

  9. Here is more information on Laura's #1 contributor: