Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Last Forum for 2013 and the Richardson Coalition Mailer

The LVW put the forum on, about 232 people attended, and even G.A.S was there. It was the place to be last night.

As for the performance of the candidates, they were both good again and as expected. There was a bit a tension. There was one time that Laura Maczka seemed speechless. Amir Omar had just finished answering a question and from where I was sitting, it looked like snapped her head around looking at Amir slack-jawed. But then again, maybe it just appears that way from where I was sitting.

The question of the Richardson Coalition voter’s guide content came up. The Richardson Coalition, and by Richardson Coalition I mean the head puppet master and local king maker Chuck Eisemann, took some court documents and tried to scare, lie and mislead the senior’s with his spin: Amir filed for bankruptcy, got out of over $50,000 in school loans, failed to pay his federal taxes, claimed the Texas AG garnished his city council wages and was more than $10,000 behind on child support. WOW! All this and they supported him twice for the city council! What kind of idiots are Chuck Eisemann and the Richardson Coalition membership? To have known all of this, yet they still supported him.

As it turns out there was good reason to support him as all of this is false. Before the Senior Voters Guide landed in the mail boxes, there were some cease and desist orders delivered to these guys about their pack of lies.

It turns out Amir was never late on child support, not even one time, according to documentation from the Attorney General Office. He also got a sign statement from his former wife he was never late on child support. When the a members and supporter of the Richardson Coalition called his wife weeks ago in an attempt to get her to dish out the scoop on her ex, the plate was empty. There was no scoop to get. So even though there was plenty of information made available to Chuck Eisemann and the Richardson Coalition, the made choices to, at best, misrepresent that information and at worse, outright lie. As for Laura Maczka’s part in this, it took her a few days to say anything about the voters’ guide and when she did, even knowing fully well it was a pack of lies; she made a decision to hitch her wagon to the Richardson Coalition and provide links to her supporters to further spread the misinformation. As she already knew they were a pack of lies and misrepresentations, she should have condemned the actions of the only PAC supporting her. She failed to lead the charge for decency and lead from behind yet once again.

This morning I found the Richardson Coalition Voters Guide in my mailbox. There is one laughable thing I saw in the voters’ guide: “This guide is the results of hundreds of hours of research and hard work put in by volunteers from Richardson, who, like you, care deeply about our city.”

Really? It seems like they only care about control and don’t care about the old saying, “it is not who wins or loses, but it is about how you play the game”.

The official motto of the Richardson Coalition as indicated by their actions should be: “It is not about the lies we tell, people we destroy, or even our despicable acts, it matters only that we win by any means necessary. That is all that matters. And "F" anyone who disagrees”

Here are some photos from last night. Click on any of them to enlarge.



  1. Anyone who’s unclear on just how disgusting the Richardson Coalition is should read the “explanation” offered up by its chief apologist, William McCalpin.

    If you are able to read through the subterfuge and the tortured false equivalence offered up by Mr. McCalpin, you will see that what he is acknowledging is that the Coalition went down the road of ugly personal invective in the mayor race and very likely got it wrong.

    If you are going to pull the dirty trick of dragging someone’s divorce and child-support history into the campaigning, then you damn sure better get every aspect of that right. Well, the Coalition didn’t get it right. It didn’t understand the document regarding the divorce and child support, and so pulled Mr. Omar, his former wife and his young son through the mud with no basis whatsoever.

    But Mr. McCalpin doesn’t cast shame upon the Coalition; how could he, being the chief apologist. But worse, he tries to contort Mr. Omar’s description of how the mayor used to be chosen behind closed doors as somehow equivalent to what the Coalition did in implying that Mr. Omar was a deadbeat dad.

    And in Mr. McCalpin’s pathetic fiction, Laura is the only real victim, having been unfairly linked to the Coalition dirty tricks, even though she followed up the filthy mailer with an email that was all to happy to suggest that the Coalition had the goods on Mr. Omar.

    The Coalition and Laura have dragged the campaign into the mire. If they win, it will be a sick, sad day in the history of the city.

  2. I’d like to know how the Richardson Coalition got the email address I gave the City of Richardson. I didn’t give my email address to the city for them to give it to some politiKal action committee.

  3. Luke Lukas:

    You know the answer to your question. They got it same way they got mine three or four years ago.

  4. Anyone who would buy into Wee Willy's interpretations lives in the world of Ding Dongs and Twinkies

  5. Thanks for reminding me why I can’t read anything on rumorcheck. I got to ‘why didn’t he call a press conference’ and had to stop and throw up. If Amir called a press conference for every allegation, he’d still be talkin’. I say William McCalpin is a martian and he should call a news conference to refute it. I have proof. Try to read Over 2000 words and it says absolutely nothing. Absurd.

  6. The practice of improperly obtaining email addresses didn't stop four years ago. I recently began receiving email from the RC at an address that as far as I know I have never given to anyone but my closest friends and certainly never made public.

  7. I know for a fact that someone from the city gave my email address to the Coalition or some one from the Coalition has access to the city email database. This is another example of the coercion between the COR and the Coalition.