Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Destiny Says ...

Destiny Says ...

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  1. Reality should dawn from Ms. de la Rosa's comments. What is interesting about her
    video post is its difference from a written post.

    Since one see her expressions, can hear the dismay, the feeling of betrayal, and the disgust in her voice, it is much more compelling than just being read.

    Hopefully, Ms. de la Rosa's interest in Richardson, its future and those chosen to LEAD it,(as opposed to being herded) will be absorbed not just by others of her age group (which is a desired outcome for Richardson), but also our other residents, most importantly senior citizens.

    Hopefully as well, her comments and those of other informed citizens in Richardson's best interests will provide a clearer picture of how manipulative and ruthless a group can be to "preserve and protect" their special influence and control.