Monday, April 29, 2013

Political Opinion Based Photoshopping

Apparently, there seems to be some kind of competition for who can be the most creative and Photoshop. Competing with Destiny and a few other people, yet again someone else sent me another work of creativity. It is sure to offend some. It is sure to make some people laugh. It is sure to be amusing to some but not to others. It is definitely an expression of political opinion.


  1. Where's the steam? That looks like just a pile of hay. Somebody doesn't know what a steaming pile looks like.

  2. Can anyone else see that Laura asked the Coalition to CONTINUE the negative campaigning by putting up the documents and they did.

    She did not say, let's get back to the issues affecting Richardson as a collective.

    These people feed off of rumor and innuendo. And I am saddened that Laura made the comments she did.