Monday, April 29, 2013

Pleas for Votes from the Richardson Coalition and Third Place Scott Dunn

Summary of the Richardson Coalition’s reason for Laura to be Mayor over Amir:

1 – She plays a pretty good second fiddle when the other mayor is gone
2 –She knows how to work with Moody’s and Standards and Poor to ensure we get a good credit rating
3 – She works well with KPMG on their pretend audit
4 – She participates with the Regional Transportation Council
5 – She is also the representative for Addison, Murphy, Sachse and Wylie on the Regional Transportation Council
6 – She engages with the RTC
7 – She worked in the parks department and was good with that
8 – She is on the board at NTFE
9 – She managed volunteers at the Texas Heart Institute and the United Way in Houston
10 – She has serve in the PTA
11 – She was Alumnus/Volunterrs of the year for Leadership Richardson n 2010
12 – She helped with Discovery Point
13 – Her parents still live in Richardson and she “Bleeds Richardson Blue”
14 – Lastly, Laura has been the consummate team player
According to the Richardson Coalition, this list is what makes her the best choice for mayor. It looks like she works and plays well with others. That is what the Richardson Coalition wants, someone to work well and be a team player, someone who will work well and be a team player for the leadership of the Coalition. That is a very good reason to not vote for her, those ties that bind her to them.
Third place councilman Scott Dunn also sent out an email blast last night.
A summary of his email:
1 – Historic vote for mayor this year, wants you to vote for Laura
2 – She is a trusted team player
3 – Some 2010 bond projects are nearing completion
4 – Three things done with the help of taxpayer funds are getting done, the million dollar per bed Richardson Medical Center in the panhandle. The State Farm development at Bush and Central (BURP) and the Alamo Drafthouse at Heights Shopping center
Anyone getting the idea she is a team player who leads from behind with a consensus of the Richardson Coalition and the other members on council?

Missing is innovative ways to get things done, new ideas, and true leadership. That is just the way I read it. Both pleas for votes are fairly lame.
There is another interesting aspect to these emails. Someone is sharing email addresses. Several people who got these email have never emailed the Richardson Coalition or third place Scott Dunn. This has happened before.


  1. I’m done with Dunn, so proud of how they done spent our money.
    Dunn has done sent that email to the email address I done use strictly for city business. I never sent him an email to his personal email address, only to at city hall. I wonder how he got that email address to his personal email contact list. Educate Richardson

    one million dollar bed.... chuck(le:) is that private and public money??

  2. Luke, here is what I think happened: If you send an email to the official COR email addy, it is automatically forwarded to each council members personal email account. Maybe they just don't know how to use the official email system or something.

    So anytime you send to the official city council email, it will build their contact list in there personal email account as well.

    I don't like it being done that way, but I doubt it is actually illegal unless the intent is to avoid transparency laws.

  3. Good point. I didn’t think about auto forward. That’s probably why I have to see Solomon’s signature for his insurance company every time I get a reply from him. Thanks.

    It aught to be as illegal as watering your lawn on the wrong day during water restrictions. I, fortunately, can delete an email address I give someone. That’s how I know who’s spamming me. If I start getting email for Viagra or girls available in Richardson to my coalition or city email addresses, I’ll know who sold my email or got hacked. I didn’t consider the 2 sharing.

    So your saying they probably forward all email sent to the city to the RC. You don’t have to post this. I only comment on these things to subscribe to your post and keep them jumping and guessing.

  4. I don't think there's any illegal about council members' sending personal or campaign messages to any e-mail address they collect. However, passing e-mail addresses to a PAC (the RC) is inappropriate in the least.

  5. Luke, it is probably a good question to ask. But to be a little more clear,I wasn't saying the council people and city staff forwward the email addys to the RC. I think that may have happened when the RC was setting up shop at first. But for at least the last year I think that type of behavior has not been going on.

    I wouldn't call it out of reason to think that the council members share the email addys either. But, I haven't really been looking for that either.

  6. DC, this is the first time I got e-mails from the RC, only after I sent the council e-mails last year. It's possible that Laura passed my e-mail address to the RC.

  7. My wife got a call from Gary Slagel today telling her to vote for Maczkshsdga along with everyone else he knows. I wonder how he got our phone number.

  8. Luke, I hope your wife told Slagel what happened to her because of the stupid ordinance that was passed in 2003 while he was mayor.

    If I were her, I would have been yelling @#$%& at him as long as he was on the phone.

    She's also a member of a group that is endorsing Amir.
    The RC must be really desperate to hold on to its power.

  9. Somebody ought to call CDH on Dunn's point number 3. She works well with KPMG on their pretend audit.

    CDH has said for a long time there is something up with that. Must because it is a pretend audit.

    This the best election we have ever had in Richardson!