Monday, March 4, 2013

Sign Theft Means it is Just Another Richardson Election Cycle

It just wouldn’t be a true political race in Richardson without some sign swiping and defacing. It seems to have started over the weekend and limited to just the Canyon Creek area. Imagine my surprise!

I would put my money on it being some people who just don’t like the competition and would prefer one of who they might consider “their own” for mayor. As for the candidate living in that area, people might say she is the master mind behind the sign thefts. My own thoughts are the she would be very unlikely to put others up to doing that. Win or lose, I bet she wants to play fair, even it is playing fair very intensively and competitively.

Maybe residents with signs in their yard should point some surveillance cameras in the direction of the signs in their yard. If they catch someone, put it on YouTube to be completely and utterly mocked by the world.

But the signs thefts are just the norm for another election cycle in Richardson.

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  1. Just found that an Amir poster we posted at a store at the corner of Campbell and Coit was removed by somebody. The store owner said he didn't take it down. We have to go put another one!