Monday, January 7, 2013

The New “Dozen” - The 10-Pack

I ran across a story about off-duty cops egging a house in odd news  from yahoo. But the item that got my attention was the egg pack had only 10 eggs, not the usual 12. It seems other notice as well.

Some comments:

CoolWisdomPrevails • 2 days 22 hrs ago-  Eggspecially designed for egging houses. The more compact carton is easier to conceal under attack-mode clothing.

Randy • 2 days 22 hrs ago - I think it's because they have banned high capacity egg cartons. You can't get more than 10 now.

Kitster • 2 days 22 hrs ago - That's the new metric dozen

Don • 2 days 21 hrs ago - All Ammunition is now restricted to smaller quantities! This will prevent mass casualties and help control Egg Wounds!

spacebar_001 • 2 days 9 hrs ago - Don you mean "this will help control Eggs-it wounds"

GSmiley • 2 days 21 hrs ago - Timothy haven't you heard a Dozen (12) eggs now only 10 falls into the same category as the Pound (1LB) of coffee that weighs 11 ounces. You've never heard of the "new math"?

R H • 2 days 18 hrs ago - Just like ice cream. Hard to find a real half gallon anymore.

Robert • 2 days 18 hrs ago - must be a new trick on consumers .they already got the "pound of coffee" and other items over on us ,so i guess the next thing is the dozen of eggs is being reduced to 10,but for the same amount as 12 cost.Maybe Massachusetts is the test market to see if it works.

Alex • 1 day 23 hrs ago - Timothy, the anti-egg lobby is petitioning against the rapid-load 30-egg magazine.

DanielB • 1 day 19 hrs ago - Only 10 rounds per magazine allowed. But there is no limit on the number of magazines that you can have.

notarunaroundsue • 1 day 17 hrs ago - maybe its the special "house egging" carton... 12 would be overkill..


  1. phpays 201This change may be much more difficult to disguise than the easy changes from 16 ounce cans of vegetables to the same size containers having only 14 or 14 1/2ounces of edibles.

    I an hardly wait for the change in discussion - " I'm running to the store for a ten egg carton."
    Sort of like the Cilty's bond issues, wchich for years paid salaries for planners out of them.

    And on another subject: How many independent Richardson gymnastics studios that have provided a means for such training for years are now going to be run out of business by Richardson's new "Walmart Gymnastics Center? And what will the fees be? (If fees are recommended by the same consultants that recommend how much is swept from independent City funds like water and sewer to account for "phantom" "utility charges" and "PILOT CHARGES" ("Payments in lieu of taxes" If public property was was privately owned, it would pay the Pilot charges in taxes. Well, it has never been public property, and likely will never be private property, but the City charges as if it is.) Just another way a "consultant" - which Richardson does not seem to be able to act without- diverts significant amounts of your utility payments to the general fund. Think about that when your water and wewer bill go up about 25% next year. real purpose.

  2. Can't help but laugh and compare this story to the Coalitionists fishing expedition trying to find a few more Real Zeros to recognize.

    I call them "Real Zeros" because the Coalition Party has as its first priority "non-profit" service. Well, don't that fit. Coalitionists sure like to spend all the public financial resources but use every trick to escape contributing the money. That's why Richardson is up to its eyeballs in debt liability.

    Gotta love that Coalitionist Party.