Thursday, December 27, 2012

When Seconds Count, the Police are only Minutes Away

The other day the Journal-News (in New York, of course) decided to publish the names and addresses of local guns owners in Westchester and Rockland Counties and created an interactive map. Talk about possible bone-headed ideas and of bone-headed things to do, well, this seems to be it.

First, it lets those criminals who want to play it safe and burglarize home where there are likely to be no weapons and in some other cases where it will probably tell the criminals which homes to target because they know there will be guns at that home. Not a very bright idea.

Maybe some of the anti-gun nuts think these folks who decided to become gun owners and followed the law think these guns owners deserve to be treated in the same manner as sexual predators by having their names and addresses listed publicly in a newspaper.

One blogger seems to have decided turn-about was fair play. He put together a list of names, addresses and phone numbers for the staff of the newspaper and started with Editor, Cyndee Royle.

The newspaper staff probably does not having their personal information published. The gun owners probably like it just about as much.

Gun registration is probably a bad idea. The good guys will probably follow whatever laws are created to register guns and the criminals will probably not register their guns. It is probably a bad idea to make a list of who does and does not have guns, and it is also probably better that the government, at all levels, does not know who has a gun and who does not have gun.

Might want to wonder what would make you feel safer, being in a room of 50 people who have guns along with one nut who has a gun, or being in that same room with 49 unarmed people and a nut job with a gun. I think I would prefer the room where everyone is armed. Stand a better chance of surviving when the smoke cleared. 

Just remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.


  1. That those entities published the addresses was bad enough.

    What was worse was allowing those entities to COLLECT THAT INFORMATION in the first place.

  2. Reservation ResidentJanuary 4, 2013 at 3:38 PM

    Thank God I live in a state where gun owner info is not recorded, so it can't be made available to the mostly gun hating press.

  3. We'll never get the guns away from the bad guys. But, let's not forget the real reason behind the 2nd amendment. Kent State is a classic example of a time when the people should have fired back.