Monday, December 3, 2012

United Nations Agenda 21/ICLEI and Richardson, TX

It seems that the ICLEI and Richardson have gone their separate ways. For several years the City of Richardson was a dues paying member of the ICLEI. For 2012 E.A. Hoppe sent an email to Eli Yewdall telling him that due to budget considerations the City of Richardson will not be maintaining ICLEI membership for 2012. See
Going through the Richardson online checkbook ( ) it seems the last check that was written to the United Nations organization was for $1750 on 2/3/2012. I am hoping that the excuse of “budget considerations” was just a polite way of telling them to go get lost. E.A. didn’t close the door completely on a relationship between Richardson and the ICLEI, but I am guessing that door is closed and locked.

It still remains a mystery why the leadership of Richardson got involved with a UN organization, and with the great records purge at the end of Keffler’s term as city manager, there will probably be many more unanswered questions.

It seems that the new city manager will probably be much more open than the old one and will probably make better choices as well.

This most recent election is probably a good sign of things to come. The city staff and city council did not get involved with the election unlike during the 2010 bond election when Keffler decided to get involved and post items about the campaign on the city website.

Dan Johnson also has the respect of my people and is talked about as a straight-shooter and someone that people trust. He has been through the fire as a city manager in another local city. That other city council asked him to facilitate their choices and Dan ended up paying an unfair price for doing his job, which was doing what the city council asked him to do.

It seems Texas cities are dropping off the ICLEI list pretty quickly. There are only 4 nearby cities still on the list: Dallas, Coppell, Denton and Grapevine.

A list of member cities in the United State, that can be found at .




  1. They may no longer be paying dues, but they are still following the Agenda 21.
    I'm thinking they they declined to renew , so that as people become aware of this, they can state that RIchardson is not a member.

  2. You guys are lunatics. No wonder nobody takes you seriously. Men did land on the moon. The us government is not holding secret UFO proof at area 51. There is no agenda 21 conspiracy.

  3. Why would they put the expense in the Health Budget if it is all about "smart" development? "

    6:53, check out the democrats view of agenda 21.

  4. ya, hide and watch as they slip it into the next budget cycle.

    they're good at slipping it in when your head is turned.

  5. anon 6:53,

    'lunatic' has been removed from the government vernacular. didn't you hear the news?