Monday, December 3, 2012

DART Fares Cover Less Than 10% of Operating Expenses

DART is in deep, very deep financially. In 2009 their operating loss was $466 million dollars before other revenues were put in to pay their bill. In 2011 DART’s operating loss was $560 million.

Passenger revenue is 2011 was about $57 million, not even 10% of their operating cost. Only is big government will an entity survive with these kinds of losses.

You can see their 2011 CAFR at

Today DART fare are going up, some of them twice what they have been. The DMN has a story in the paper about it today:
New DART fares
Category                      System     Regional
2-hour pass                    $2.50        $5
Day pass                        $5             $10
7-day pass                      $25           $50
Monthly pass                   $80           $160
Annual pass                    $800         $1,600
Midday 5-hour pass*       $1.75       $3.50
Corporate                        $600         $1,200*

These passes would be valid between 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday only.

A peek at the Texas Bond Review Board shows DART has amassed a debt service of almost $7 billion dollars in their short life,

If DART ever wants to be fully self-supporting (like private business has to be), they are going to have to raise fare so high that people will refuse to ride. $25 for a 2 hour pass will be hard for people to pay.


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