Saturday, December 1, 2012

No Honor Among the Thieves of the Richardson Coalition

So, an interesting few days with the election for mayor. The Richardson Coalition had a meeting Thursday and decided to not endorse anyone until the filing deadline is done. That sounds like a reasonable way to approach endorsing or not endorsing a candidate for mayor. The other day they also announce those intentions on their website with this:
“Please note that the Coalition has not endorsed anyone for the mayor opening or any council seat and we do not currently plan to do so until the respective deadlines have passed.”

After their meeting, it seems that a small number of the coalitionist within the core of the coalition decided to pull the wool over the eyes of their own members, and the public.
It seems that little circle within a circle of the those in the coalition decided that maybe Laura Maczka could use a little help as it appeared she was playing catch-up after Amir Omar came early so boldly. Contrary to their public statements of staying neutral until the filing deadline, it appears they decided to give Laura Maczka a little help. That help seems to have come with the Richardson Coalition representatives emailing Laura Maczka's messages using the Richardson Coalition email.  The first of the two emails hit the inboxes Thursday about 11 am and the second came the next day about 3pm. They both appear to have come from Laura's email address, not the Richardson Coalition email address. 
The Richardson Coalition seems to be consistent in their actions. They have a long and rich history of trying to mislead and deceive the people of Richardson and now it seems that deception goes as far as trying to deceive and misled even their own members. I am just curious what the membership of the coalition thinks about their some at the center of their group trying to pull the wool over their eyes too. It seems that with those in at the coalition never heard that saying that there should be honor among thieves.  


  1. They are sending Laura's emails to the coalition email list. It isn't honest to say they haven't endorsed.

  2. The coalition made their choice on whom they will support fpor mayor and can't be honest about it. No Surpise there. Same stuff, just another day.

  3. The biggest lie on the Coalitionists website is the "working together" and "valuing input". Sounds good just never executed. What's a little white lie between people you will never meet?

  4. If the RC is not going to endorse anyone why are members of the RC backing Laura.

    Hon. Ken Bell - former Richardson City Council Member

    Hon. Gerry Leftwich - former Richardson City Council Member

    Hon. Bob Nusser - former Richardson City Council Member

    Hon. Tom Rohm - former Richardson City Council Member

    Hon. Gary Slagel - former Mayor and Richardson City Council Member

    Hon. John Sweeden - former Richardson City Council Member

    Hon. Martha Ritter - former Mayor and Richardson City Council Member

    Nooooo, they aren't endorsing anyone.

  5. I have no idea how the Richardson Coalition keeps their stories straight.

    First, they were "open" to the direct election of the mayor, then they were against it, then, after it overwhelmingly passed, they conveniently scrubbed their website of all opposition to it. Nice transparency, Chuck.

    Second, the Richardson Coalition doesn't have to officially endorse Laura; all of their supposed members already individually have done so. Their official endorsement will only mean a prominent place on the on their "voters" guide with a smile face. Wonder what nasty things they will write about Amir?

    Third, Chuck Eisemann and the RC see Amir as their "creation"; they created him and they can stop him. I don't know, but I wouldn't put any money on it, this time. Given how the RC was clobbered on the direct election of the mayor, I suspect that Amir is a bit stronger than Chuck thinks. Chuck better get ready to throw some dollars Laura's way, because I hear Amir is well funded. And, that is what this campaign is going to take.

    Fourth, does anyone know who is actually a card carrying, voting member of the RC? What is the criteria for membership? Their website is totally out of date, even listing two people who have recently died. Other than a few "hanger on'ers", "wanna be's (Andrew Laska, Bill McCalpin), and "elderly "has been's", only one vote counts - and that is Chuck Eisemann's.

    Fifth, this Real Heroes Award is nothing but a way for the RC to mine emails. The poor saps (sorry, Chelsea Schmidt) don't seem to have a clue about how deceitful and dishonest the Richardson Coalition is. Maybe, they should read some of the RC's slanderous and cruel comments in their previous voters guide; that way, they can see that the "Real Heroes" are the ones who tried to run against this awful group.

  6. The real heros are the citizens of Richrdson that are going to put Chuck Eisemann and the RC out of business when the Mayor is elected. There is rumor that number3 and 4 are going to jump into the Mayoral race and they have no ties to any coalition. That is what we need!!! Someone that will take the bull by the horns and shut up the fools.

  7. Since when has the Coalition Party been intellectually honest?