Friday, November 30, 2012

Richardson Rental Registration Problems

The Richardson Rental Registration Program got put to the test yesterday. Two Administrative Search Warrants were served yesterday. In both cases, when the city officials came knocking, with a police officer in tow, no one answered the doors. So the searches could not take place.

Richardson’s Ordinance No. 3847 was enacted at the Nov. 28, 2011 city council meeting (item 8A2). There was some lively discussion including some noteworthy comments by Mark Solomon. The way Solomon sees it, if we have to register dog in Richardson, then why not also register renters? Apparently he thinks renters rank about as low as dogs. He also seems to show quite a bit of contempt for the people who have the nerve to buy a house and then rent it and then profit from those actions. He made a real jerk of himself during his rant.

Both Laura Maczka and Amir Omar made some good points during the hearing, especially Amir. The vote was 5-2 for passing the change with Amir Omar and Kendall Hartley voting against it.

It seems Luke Lucas is having some problems with the system. But he does make a good point about how to comply and still maintain 4th amendment rights for both the property owner and the renter. He apparently registered his rent home and set an appointment for the city inspection to inspect the property. When the city inspector and police came knocking on the door, with a warrant in hand, the knock went unanswered. At that point about all that could be done was for the inspector and police to go away without doing the inspection, or break into the house to make the inspection.

It seems there are no provisions that require a renter to let the inspector in. Unless I am mistaken, the city can’t force the owner to open the door of a leased property.

The city of Richardson has really over-stepped their powers. This represent another time that Amir Omar was alone in his 6-1 vote against the rest of the council.

For more about what one Richardson citizen’s has been through with this program, you might want to visit his website:

The events of yesterday were on video which will probably be released soon, if they have not already been.


  1. My jaw dropped at Solomon's comment. (I heard some other people's did at the meeting.)

    Who does he think spends tens of thousands of dollars to put a new roof, a new driveway and new floorings to get rid of foreclosed or eyesore properties many neighbors complain about?! Has he ever spent any of his money (in tens of thousands) on improving his neighborhood? We investors risk OUR OWN MONEY by purchasing and rehabbing distressed properties. We have been often thanked by our neighbors for getting rid of eyesore properties.

    We also pay higher property taxes for our rentals. We don't deserve being put down.

    If he doesn't want any investors' money, just outright ban any investment activity in the city of Richardson!!!

  2. The city(prosecutor+judge) knew that they couldn't win at the trial with the first citation and had to create another "offense" by issuing a warrant (though with no "probable cause").

    A new citation for "failure to make property available for the rental inspection."

    The city claims issuing a warrant was just a "formality." Attorneys say otherwise. Attorneys want to know when the city person who made that claim got a license to practice law!

    I hope citizens will wake up. This is not just about rentals/ landlords/renters. Looks like the city can create an offense if they want to prosecute someone.

  3. Umless this unlawful entry business is stopped, it will next be our personal homes that will be inspected. Tell everyone you know about this .

  4. Get out the vote! Make sure those renters are registered to vote 30 days prior to the next election. That is, of course, if they are not illegal aliens.

    And, even if they are, their 18+ year old kids can register and vote the dirtbags out of office!

  5. Hey, I wonder how John Murphy is taking the rental registration rhetoric. His rent house on the back side of the 411 Arapaho park has a bird's eye view of city hall. Isn't that a hoot!

  6. Rohming Tom owned a few flips in town. He even got the city to put in a new sidewalk and street in front of one Canyon Creek holding.

  7. That chicken s(%#t magistrate didn't have the courage to have his name typed below his signature on the warrant. Doesn't that invalidate the document. Or, has the city become so familiar with this kind of backhanded slap on the public that they know the scribble to be valid.

  8. And did you notice the warrant has no number?

    Also, the municipal court has no record of issuing it. Our attorney knows who signed it.

  9. Mark Solomon is a complete idiot. Comparing people to dogs? I hear that no one on the council has any respect for him OR his opinions. If you ever attend council meetings, then you will see that the jaw dropping and eye rolling isn't just from the audience, but also from his council colleagues! He gets almost as many eyerolls as Scott Dunn(b)

    Solomon flip flops on issues so often that you never know WHERE he stands. I doubt that HE even knows where he stands on issues.

    And, I hope no one has missed Solomon's shameless insurance plugs. Yes, Mark, we ALL know you are in the insurance business, but do you have to flaunt it so much? If we need it, then we'll give you shout, dude.

    Can someone decent please run for place 2 in May?

  10. This is what is coming next.

  11. This is what is coming next.