Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Richardson Coalition Website Back Up and Scrubbed Clean

After a week or so of being down, the Richardson Coalition website is once again up and running.  Much to my amusement, and I am sure many others, they have scrubbed all references to their anti-direct election of the Richardson Mayor stances.

In no uncertain terms, they got their asses kicked during this election. They bit into Wild Bill’s lies and attempts at deception and appeared to be so arrogant in their fight against direct election that I am sure they thought they would win.

Their scrubbing of the website seems to indicate that there was also quite a split in how the coalitionist thought about direct election. From looking over the precinct reports it seems they might have swayed 200 to 300 people.

This past Monday Richardson very own  almost never present city attorney gave the council a run-down on what this election means and the effect of the charter change. To almost all who employed a little common sense, they were probably not the least bit surprised by his conclusions: The only thing that changed with the charter election was now we will elect the mayor rather than having the mayor selected. That is all. Period.

Apparently Wild Bill went so far out on a limb with his fabrications that he is still in a free-fall and has yet to hit the ground. He had been a fixture at the city council meetings for year, but apparently he has not shown his mug since the elections.  

The net result is that the Richardson Coalition showed themselves to all of Richardson for whom they really are, a bunch of control freaks who have no common sense and were ready and willing to put forward the nutty conclusion of a real nut-job. I hope they continue to do the same in the future. Let them self-destruct is a very visible manner. 75% to 25% election results say it all.



  1. Isnt that the pot calling the kettle black? This blog has more than once scrubbed clean every libellous accusation, race baiting statement, statement of religious bigotry, lie, and outright sexism.

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  3. Am I mistaken, or is this Coalitionist admitting that his party routinely executes propaganda sniper attacks and covers their tracks in retreat?

    Some nerve. This sounds like history of Richardson from those who recently purged the public document repository of complicit evidence.

    Now that the records are safely destroyed, the culprits are slipping off to enjoy the plunder and planning the next raid.

    Wonka Willyam? Is that you? Keep up the good work. Your opportunity to suck from the city teat is coming. Let some of these other public trough dwellers get out of the way. Meanwhile, you'll have to settle for the crumbs in the form of free meals, drinks and parties at our expense.

  4. Next thing you know, Chuck Eisemann and his elderly band of Coalitionists will be saying they 'SUPPORTED' the direct election of the mayor.

    It is one thing to remove blog posts that are slanderous, and another to remove text from your website which reflects information that was sent, via email, to thousands of people. It is apples and oranges.

  5. Anonymous 9:42 - I think you might be close on the " libellous accusation" part. I have been very abrasive with some of the public officials. As for the other accusations, I don't think they come close to describing my actions or words. Being accused of "race baiting" and "outright sexism" make me snicker in disbelief. I would not say that I am guilty of "religious bigotry" either. My biases are pretty normal and in check. When it comes to lying, I think you are wrong there too. You may not agree, which is fine by me, but please feel free to provide examples of such behavior if you wish. Thanks for your comment.