Thursday, November 29, 2012

Laura Maczka Jumps in with Both Feet

The timid steps of running for Richardson Mayor are gone for Laura Maczka. She has now stepped in with both feet and has her website up.

After reading her “Meet Laura” page, who could not admire her and respect her for what she has done over the years in her various activities? She has quite obviously been involved with a lot of things that she can be proud of and things that have earned her much respect. No doubt, those closest to her are also very proud of her, and with good reason.

There must have been a rush to get her website up. When going to the “Issues” page there is nothing but a “Coming Soon” line. For the “News” page, it just says “Hello world! Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post…”

The lack of any information on the “Issues” page is noteworthy to me. It makes her actions seem that she wants to be mayor first while skipping over why she would like to be mayor. Her webpage is understandably and obviously not complete, and this is just the first step in her campaign, but issues are the important items for me. And as we have all seen, even when they proclaim in a campaign that they will champion something, back on Jan. 30 of this year, there was only one who truly kept his word on charter review and direct election of the mayor. The 5-2 and 6-1 votes showed me that.

It seems Laura Maczka has put very little distance between herself and some of the Coalitionist. Although it is now purged from the coalition website, they, in their typical fashion, tried to convince the Richardson voters to not vote for direct election of the mayor. Also there was the anti-woman campaign a few years ago where they demonized two of the kindest and most decent women in Richardson with lies and innuendo. Many of the primary members of the Richardson Coalition appear to be backing Laura Maczka. She claims she is not a part of the coalition and going forward it will be very hard to clearly prove she is not aligned with such a divisive and mean organization.

She has gotten quite a few endorsements  from previous elected officials that to me, read like a who’s who list of Richardson Coalitionists for the most part. There is Ken Bell, Gerry Leftwich, Bob Macy, Bob Nusser, Tom Rohm, Gary Slagel, John Sweeden and Martha “Bitter” Ritter. Missing from her public endorsement list is the Chuckie Eisemann. To some these endorsement might mean something, but to me, they are reasons, that for now, that make me want to “just say no” to her being mayor.

Here is her Coming Out email: LauraComingOutEmail



  1. She needs to update that campaign photo from 20 years ago. She looks more like bitter Ritter these days. Might as well own it.

    As for the accolades and endorsers, reading from the list, there is no doubt she is a member of the Coalitionist Party and will continue the irresponsible liberal taxing, bonding and spending activities of past generations.

    Easy as stealing candy from babies that have yet to be been born, these cradle robbers already have future generations up to their eyeballs in debt. What do you think of selfish people who stole your vote before you were born?

    Anybody supporting a candidate endorsed by the Coalitionist Party gets what they deserve. Bankrupt fiscal policy.

  2. Funny, Ms. Maczka tells non-Richardson Coalition members that she is not a part of the Richardson Coalition, yet check out the Richardson Coalition's "Real Heroes" invite on Facebook. Guess what? She proudly states she is attending their kick off meeting. Huh? Maybe, she isn't aware that the "Real Heroes" is just a front for the Richardson Coalition to mine email addresses. Either Ms. Maczka is naive, foolish, or not very bright to not know this - or think that the public isn't bright enought to figure her out real allegiance - which is to the Richardson Coalition. Maybe, she could just be the mayor of Canyon Creek? That might work.

  3. My grandpa use to say, if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck then most likely is a duck. In this case, until she publicly states and acts like she is not a coalition member, everyone will always see her as one, no matter how much she doth protest. I agree, she has an uphill battle with those who know the coalition for who they are.

  4. Anonymous 11:05. Maybe you are seeing something I am not, but those look like fairly recent photos.