Tuesday, October 23, 2012

William J. McCalpin Calls Out City Attorney for Failing to Properly Do His Job

It seems Wild Bill and taken a fall off the deep end, again, and claiming the city attorney violated Section 14.02 of the city charter. In his latest fabrications, he and the Richardson Coalition, are making the claim the City Attorney for Richardson failed miserably to perform their job.They know they can't win the argument and all that is left for this group of sad old men is to try scaring people into voting no on direct election. Part of the job of the city attorney when considering a petition by the voters is to "determine that it is a proper subject and in proper form." If after examination of the petition it is found to be of "a proper subject and in proper form", then the petition shall be submitted to the council without delay.
Within ten (10) days from the date of filing such petition, the city secretary shall examine and ascertain whether or not said petition is signed by the requisite number of qualified electors, and shall attach to said petition a certificate showing the result of such examination. If by the secretary's certificate the petition is shown to be insufficient, it may be amended within ten (10) days from date of said certificate. The secretary shall within ten (10) days after such amendment make like examinations of the amended petition. If the secretary's certificate shall show the same to be insufficient, it shall be returned to the person filing the same, without prejudice, however, to the filing of a new petition to the same effect. The city attorney shall review the petition to determine that it is a proper subject and in proper form. If the petition shall be found to be sufficient, the secretary shall submit the same to the city council without delay.
This is quite a change from his previous claims that the city is near perfect and seldom makes a mistake. I am glad to see Wild Bill finally catching up with the rest of the gang in his complaints about some city affairs.
About the Richardson Coalition: There actions on this issue and their lies on this issue, should remove all doubt about any credibility some people might think they still have. They seem to have learn alot from watch Obama over the past few weeks. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good fabrication. As for Wild Bill's credibility and critical thinking abilities, people have known for a long time he has no credibility and this issue showed how when he couldn't find the facts, he made them up. Thanks for the entertainment Wild Bill!


  1. Are you saying the city attorney has the power to take what the citizens brought forth as a change to the charter and EDIT that change? I find that hard to believe,

  2. I think he is say the city attorney needs to determine if it is in proper form. If it is not in proper form, then it is returned to the petitioner for a rewrite. If it is found to be in proper form, then it is sent to the council. The city attorney can't take it upon himself to edit or rewrite. Or at least, that is the way I take it.

  3. What is proper form? What does that mean?

  4. The City Attorney has neither responsibility nor the authority to correct a faulty Charter proposal. The wording on the proposed change, in this case, comes from the group pushing this proposed change. It seems that THEY screwed up.

  5. JM, you are right. It is not up to the city attorney to correct a faulty charter proposal. It is up to the city attorney to make sure it is in proper form. Also if you read the claims those of against this proposal, you will see they completely ignore section 3.02 where it state that the mayor is a part of the council and is required to vote on all matters before the council. Can't you read it for yourself and see that? Or do you depend on someone else to tell you what to think? So the "screw up" is really those who can't read and understand the words that are actually there. Maybe you have some first hand information about the "group" who is forwarding this petition. As far as fact presented, only a guy named Allen North is behind this effort. If you have more factual information, please share.


  6. JM,

    You did not answer the question proposed ahead of you in this chain. What is proper form and what does that mean?? You seem to have inside knowledge. Or at least you think you do.

    If a citizen, like Alan North, had all the answers to protocol within the city, it might have some blame to throw at him. I said MIGHT.

    The City Attorney sat there in 2 council sessions and not once did he offer one "SCREW UP" you refer to. Is that playing the part of a good steward to the city and his ethical responsibility. Nor did he advise the Council on one "Screw up" issue. Not one! The best argument they came out with was the cost of putting this on the ballot. Really? Is that the best you got? Really? How much does every one of those bond elections cost?

    It is unfortunate the citizens and our representatives cannot work together on what is best for they OUR city. Remember in 2007 when the first revelation of problems with the Charter came out that ALL meetings were supposed to be open to the Public? And this massive effort to change the charter at that time? What did that cost?? It was to be all better with the promise of a charter review after that fact. So here we are in 2012 with the same topic at hand.

    Are there problems with the Charter. YES!!!

    Does a detailed review need to happen?? YES!!!

    Why you think sophomoric blame is the answer to the problem at hand is beyond me. My kids used to do that all the time when they were teens. But they have outgrown that now and so should you!


  7. CDH - Why do you think I have some obligation to address the question you want me too? The screw ups are not illegal, just ill advised. The attorney should not be advising on political choices, only on legalities.

    The Council has limited time and they saw a charter review as less pressing that other goals that they did take on. A small minority were railing for charter changes. Most folks saw no problem and were not pressing for a review.

    SD- Don't the rules required multiple members of a PAC? Who are other members in the shadows behind Mr North?


  8. CDH - You are out of line telling me to grow up. I am intelligent, I read, I think, I observe, and then I make my own choices. If different than yours, so what. You see conspiracy everywhere and embrace negativity - then fault others who don't follow your path.

    You cannot overcome Agenda 21


  9. JM, why are you asking me how many members it take to create a PAC. If you would like to know that then look up the laws yourself and report back. It would make for some good training. After that and if you get to it, then maybe we could also get back to the "screw up" comment that you seem to have ignored.


  10. JM - Forgive me, I must have had a momentary misconceived notion on your ability to define what the wording means since the question was proposed by someone else above you. Based on your response, YOU appear to have some legal opinions on the issues. Does that mean you are an attorney?

    Then again probably not. Every attorney I have spoken to (including AG office) says ALL Charters MUST be consistent with the Texas Constitution and Statute.

    Oh and one more question. Do you really believe the Council can decide over the electorate what the rules are and what transpires in this City? As Bill McCalpin said at the contrived forum a couple of weeks ago, Texas is a Republic.

    We all grew up saying "Of the People, by the People and for the People" didn't we? Now, you are saying that is not true in Richardson? Say it is not so!!

    Maybe we should have a forum of the AG and some Texas Supreme Court Justices to explain law to us. It is really complicated to me. They are sworn to uphold, defend and protect the Texas Constitution. Just like the City Council. Imagine that!! What have all these pledges if it is not true?

    I am not an attorney. I can just read! Nor is Darrell Day or Bill McCalpin. Don't you just want to know what the truth is?


  11. JM - If one would be inclined to compare your self proclaimed assessment to your writings, there just might be some doubts created. I am so sorry you feel you are stubbornly able to know who I am and what I think about anything.

    And Agenda 21 in Richardson will get more challenge. More and more people will realize your socialist and fascist leanings and those you associate. Thank you so much for speaking out loud on the City's agenda by confirming it is Agenda 21!!

  12. The more blog comments you make, CDH, the more obvious it is why you couldn't get yourself elected. Several examples in this thread alone-

    "Why you think sophomoric blame is the answer to the problem at hand is beyond me. My kids used to do that all the time when they were teens. But they have outgrown that now and so should you!"

    "Forgive me, I must have had a momentary misconceived notion on your ability to define what the wording means since the question was proposed by someone else above you. "

    "Is that the best you got? Really?"

    If you want to get elected to the council or anything else for that matter, lose the sarcasm.

  13. The comedy of the human condition just makes my day!!

    Still laughing.......

    Laughing even more!

    Laughing with tears in my eyes!


  14. First of all, who said I wanted to get elected to the Council??

    Secondly, what is wrong with the way I speak? Or the way I write? I write the way I speak and I speak the way I write. Also, I am a born and bred Texan. So was my mother. As was my grandmother.

    My mother was an English major with an Art minor and one amazing corporate analyst who retired from TI. Her mother was of Native American roots and a teacher in the 1920's. So when I came into my teens I couldn't date boys who couldn't spell or write well.

    As far as what I write in these blogs, both matriarchs in my life would be slapping me up side the head for not clearly thinking through what I want to say; not correcting my spelling or punctuation.

    But this is not prose. So your comments of my supposed sarcasm is more the elements of my upbringing and not taking myself or anyone else too seriously. Life is comedy. And perfection doesn't exist. Every morning, I get up and look myself in the eye and thank God everyday for the special guides in my life. They were all so unbelievably perfect in their imperfections.

    So, anon 10/26/2012 2:24PM, maybe you offered your comments in sincerity. I cannot hear your tone or see your expressions to be sure. In reality it does not matter either way. But here is my response to you:

    This is who I am in the world. I am the same way with friends as I am in business. I am perfect in my imperfections just like those 2 strong, beautiful, intelligent, loving women before me. I do not conform very well because I was taught to think for myself.

    So if that makes me ineligible to be "elected to the Council or anything else for that matter", then so be it. Being a good follower under the guise of being a leader is not my idea of truth. I am happy in my life. I have a fabulous husband. Wonderful sons and beautiful grandchildren who remind me everyday life is supposed to be fun. I am truly amused every time someone calls me negative or whatever superficial label is necessary to substantiate their values and beliefs.

    Who knew the idiosynchronicities of the small group of people in politics of Richardson would be better than a soap opera. I bet there are less than 100 people who read any of these blogs. It reminds me of that commercial where a girl is in front of her computer talking about all her friends online and her parents have none. Then you see her parents are out living life. There is not one person in this City I need to please, or needs to please me.

    It doesn't matter if anyone believes the way I do or not. I set out in search of the truth and I found more than I ever expected.

    “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

    Cheri Duncan-Hubert

  15. What a bunch of crazies... Making Richardson into Garland, Dallas, and Mesquite one step at a time. Ms Hubert, nobody cares about your personal history. nobody.

    Agenda 21? are you people crazy? If you really believe there is some Agenda 21 conspiracy you are both crazy and you can be sold any bucket of spit because you are gullible. Its the 2012 version of believing men did not land on the moon and communists are messing with our bodily fluids.

    The best argument against that charter proposal is that its most vocal proponents are insane.

  16. John Murphy, er, uh, I mean JM, we are on your trail fat boy. Your Agenda 21 activities are coming to light. We'll have the truth about your one-world activites soon. You might want to consider moving back to Ohio and leave Texas to the Texans.