Friday, October 26, 2012

Probable Landslide Election

No one will know until it is over, but I bet there will be lots of these by the time it is over.

Despite the best efforts of Wild Bill's fabrications, deliberate attempts to mislead, despite the best efforts of the Richardson Coalition to try pulling the wool of the eyes of the people yet again, and despite the Chamber of Commerce's effort to get their members to help in the effort to say no to direct election, it is going to pass thanks in part to the timing of the charter change election to happen with the general election when there will be more people casting their votes. Some people don't like it at all that a majority of the residents will be casting ballots. They seem to prefer a minimum number of voters.


  1. Already cast my vote in the For column.

    BTW, assuming that's a real pic you might want to yank it. Tx has weird (and unreasonable, IMO) laws about recording equipment in polling places.

  2. Well, who would have thought that! So, I guess I better substitute another picture instead. Thanks for the heads up BM.