Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Charm for the Charmer

Just recently, the darling of the Richardson Coalition and charmer of many, got a charm herself at the 2015 Mayor's Christmas party. In he end, I don't think it will be a lucky enough charm.

There was also a person who didn't get charmed by her that ended up with a ring.

The cost for both to the taxpayers for the charmer and the one who stayed silent since September of 2014, knowing what this charmer was up to, only $2,045.40.  That doesn't include the cost of the attorney who did the ethics investigation as a result of the charmer's games and playing around. A couple of thousand here, a couple of thousand there, sooner or later it adds up to real money.

A big thanks for this goes out to the blind loyalist and the Richardson Coalition. How special!!

I wonder how much taxpayer money was spent on food and booze.

More costs to come as a result of the misadventures, no doubt.



  1. Is the charmer's luck about to run out? Or did the charmer get away from once more?

  2. not to mention about 20 wounded or dead dogs from bobcats that homes were disrupted when the charmers corrupt land deal started construction

  3. I heard the person caused global warming!