Saturday, June 2, 2018

Vote Sold for $201,669.19 - That Probably Isn't All

The indictment against Laura reads pretty bad. It sounded like a lot of money traded hands. It did. The total amount of money listed in the indictment comes to 201,669.19.

The big money items appear to be Furniture at $74,000 to go along with the remodeling job of $24,303.02. With the remodeling job and furniture, I guess the was also a need for some walking around money, $40,000. In addition, she got a new job with her special friend. The salary, $150,000 a year plus bonuses.

Other big ticket items were stays in hotels, expensive stays. The Deer Valley hookup back in Jan of 2014 was over $7200. The hookup at Laguna Beach on Aug 13 of 2014 was over $2500. The Ritz-Carlton stay? It was only $2217.75. There were probably many more things of value exchanged, and probably things of little value as well.

It wasn't until March 19 of 2015 that she admitted to a conflict of interest. She made official voted as a councilman and mayor 3 times after she started accepting gifts. 

Our former council person and mayor. Are you proud of her accomplishments? It didn't have to be this way, but, she learned from the worst.


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  1. It’s my understanding that after 2014/2015 both parties travelled outside the USA to the Caribbean on multiple trips via private aircraft. One can only speculate what occurred during those trips, and perhaps I heard incorrect information via various third parties. I felt it should be at least added to the information listed here as a possibility/reality overheard from a third party(ies) and that there may be more information out there about financial transactions, on flight manifests, other accounts, etc.