Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mayor Laura's Boyfriend Scores a $47,000,000 Plus Payday

It is no wonder they wanted to keep quiet the deal the city has made with Laura's new Beau. Taxpayer will be footing the bill for $47 million dollars plus.

http://graphics.dc-tm.com/Economic Dev. Agreement - Palisades.pdf

Exhibit D
Studies                                                                $92,000
Roads (with Associated Drainage)            $6,188,000
Landscape and Sidewalk                               $8,000,000
Drainage                                                              $4,206,000
Water Distribution Lines                               $1,177,500
Wastewater Collection Lines                       $2,105,200
Electric Duct Bank and Manholes              $1,667,000
Structured Parking                                          $6,000,000
Parks and Trails                                                 $7,970,000
Sub-total for Infrastructure                         $37,405,700
Survey and Design (12%)                              $4,488,684
Inspection (1.5%)                                             $561,086
Contingency (12.15%)                                    $4,544,550
Sub-Total for Other                                         $9,594,300
Grand Total                                                        $47,000,000



  1. It's time to occupy City Hall!!

  2. Have to hand it to Mascara, she took her panties off and went whale hunting....

    - so she gets married and gets all the riches in the world and hide behind spousal immunity when the FBI comes calling
    - her kids and husband get left behind carrying the last name that's associated with the shame that she bestowed on the community ("Maczka stick built slums")
    - Boytoy Mark gets sloppy seconds, a 50 year old has been who has always been known to be player (wonder how long until the next "Sarah" comes along to scratch the itch in his pants:)

  3. We all need to go to the reception on May 18th.... Perhaps then we can ask the council a few questions!!! The $47M may be well spent, but could we have had it for $40M or $30M or $20M, if there had not been someone working on the inside for Mark Jordan!!! The question is whether there was a conflict of interest based on Laurie providing MJ insight into the council’s discussions regarding the incentives. What did the council know about Laurie’s affair with MJ, and when did they find out about it???? These are relevant questions that need to be answered, considering the fact that there were ongoing discussions of an economic development incentive package that Laurie was privileged to. Was the council aware that she could be divulging all their questions and conversations to him? Where was her loyalty? To the city or MJ?

    1. I am going to the reception along with 25 fellow PC Mob members

      - we will see how many "bullets" that two timing charlatan is willing to take in public

    2. I wonder if Brett Shipp could come?

    3. Do you think she'll actually show her face there?

  4. Yeah she'll show her face and all her buddies will be patting her on the back. We need to ask the city council why she was allowed to attend executive closed door meetings regarding the incentive package when they knew she was taking secret Dart rides with the developer. Regular citizens could not hear the discussions because they are considered highly confidential. Did they not know she was was involved at the time? If not, then do they feel betrayed by her now? I believe they owe the citizens of Richardson answers to these questions.

  5. At one of the last two Council gatherings didn't Laura or one of the City Council members say that this document was still in the works....by the dates it was signed, yet once again, we have a liar or shall I say liars....very SAD they are running this city.

  6. So she got the orgasm and we got the bill?!?!

  7. So she got the orgasm and we got the bill?!?!