Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ultra Secret Coalition Meeting Last night, and other things


Super Secret Meeting of the Richardson Power Brokers.

If what the insiders of the Richardson Coalition are saying is true, they will be washing their hands Laura Maczka and throwing her under the bus, in order to save themselves. Imagine that, her No.1 supporter bailed out of the sinking ship. If that is true, things are probably much worse than what is suspected so far. The Richardson Coalition did after all, in the last election, seem to sell their souls to get her in the No. 7 seat as mayor.

Just how bad is the Richardson Coalition?

Most people in Richardson probably have no idea of how underhanded they can be. Judging their actions in the past it seems they are all about personal destruction of those who are not their chosen ones. The latest rumor is that a major player in the Richardson Coalition, take a guess on who, called Jamison, of UTD, and asked him to fire Claudia Tatum. If this turns out to be true, it is a despicable act.

Wendy Hundley updated her article on the DMN blog:

“Update at 6 p.m. Friday: I just got word from the city that four residents have requested an inquiry re: Maczka. The City Attorney is preparing a review process in accordance with the code of ethics for city officials.”

For the people that want the inquiry, the city attorney is not the person for this job. He is not there for much of anything other than to give the city and council legal advice and represent the city. There would be a serious conflict of interest for him to investigate any council member.

If the people want a real investigation, they should file a complaint with the Richardson Police Department. Since the RPD chief answers to the city manager and the manager answers to the council, the RPD police chief should refer the matter to an outside investigator. Outside investigators would include the Dallas Co. DA, the Texas Rangers or the FBI. That would provide for an unbiased investigation.

Outline for next mayor selection.

The city published a notice outlining the procedure for how we will get or next mayor. After the votes are canvased, the city council will meet in secret and discuss who the next mayor pro tem should be. Afterwards, they will reconvene in in open session and vote for the next mayor pro tem. Immediately after the vote, the new mayor pro tem will take the place 7 seat, the mayor’s seat, and will become mayor for the next 2 years. After that, the will go back into their secret meeting and discuss who they want to take the vacated seat. Then they will back into open session and vote for the replacement for the vacant seat.

This process will require roving quorums, it would appear. If they are going to discuss who they would like to put in the seat of the person vacated for our new mayor, they will have to have some idea if the person they want to put in that seat wants to accept the seat. Of course it will probably be denied that any roving quorum was used, but how else could they discuss possible replacements without know first who they are going to discuss??? I call this typical Richardson politics: Things just happen as if by magic or they have better crystal balls than I do.

What should they do if they, as I, believe there were wrongful manipulations done in this election cycle?

If the council members were to be true to the public and what they truly deserve, at least two more council members would decline to accept the results of the elections and refuse to be seated, as our current mayor says she is planning on doing. If there are more than 2 seats open, a special election has to be called. This would put things right, whatever the results. I don’t expect any of the members of the council would put the public’s interest above their own and do this. On the upside, who knows, they mayor’s seat is open and maybe they would win the election as mayor.

What to do if two members refuse to take their seats as the current mayor is planning on doing?
A partial or total recall of council members: There seems to be enough questions about what has gone on, and who knew what when, to justify a partial recall of the new mayor and two or more council members. A recall would cost us money for the elections, but not doing a recall after this will cost us so much more than just money.
Why are all the other council members so quiet about this?
That is a good question I have seen over and over these past few days. If things are as bad as they seem, does it make sense that our current council and city staff are not making statements to distance themselves from what seems to be something really bad coming Richardson's way. They should be out in front of this. They are suppose to be the leaders of the people. Yet, so far, nothing but silence.
Residents of Richardson should be talking to their representatives and getting answers. If you do pickup the phone and call, listen closely to what they are not saying. They seem to circle the wagons and provide cover for each other when problems are exposed and come to light.


  1. The city should initiate their own investigation into Laura's sneaky liaisons with this developer - if not, our city will be laughed at and ridiculed like the City of Dallas.

    When did their relationship become intimate? When were the divorce filings made?
    Who did she influence to vote?

    The City should announce a moratorium on any permitting related to the Palisades project until this scandal has been thoroughly vetted.

    1. The city shouldn't open ANY inquiry, since the whole bunch is under the control of Dan Johnson, Charles Eisemann or folks that they completely own. It has to be done by completely outside authorities. I'd suggest the Rangers or the FBI.

    2. Guys, the whole bunch is using private emails and cells. Good luck finding a damn thing.

    3. if its an FBI investigation, they can subpoena cell phone, text and email records from private individuals. All they need is to find one person to fold, and then the whole deck of cards will come tumbling down. No one is going to want to protect Laura Mascara if its true that she cheated on her husband and lied to her constituents - she will likely take the fall (deservedly so if the rumors are true. Did she really bring the developer as a date to the Christmas Party?

  2. If the city has known, why would they investigate? They would do damage control.
    Wouldn't that be a slanted investigation?
    If the council has known about it, why did they choose not take action?

  3. How do you file open records request to get Laura's text messages and emails?

  4. It is actually easy. 
    That is where you would sent the request. There typically is no magic language. Just say something like :

    I am making a FOI request for all email, text messages .oil phone statements from so and so for the past 6 months.

    Something like that with the information you want for the time period you want. Just that simple.,

  5. Dallas FBI are already very well aware of the situation.

    1. FBI, Dallas Observer, D Magazine, rumors of extramarital sex, a divorce, secret vote peddling, going to work for the developer....this story has it all and is going to be front and center of the public's eye -

  6. Is there a list or calendar somewhere that shows the events? Last election, statements "we have enough apts", new project progress through City departments with recommendations, when the job with that developer was posted, interviewed for, when LM was hired, date(s) she advised the rest of the Council, date KH decided to NOT run again (and any reasons given), etc etc etc. And, of course, follow the money ... Would be helpful to have that chain of events in hand to ask questions at candidate forums, etc.

    1. Does she really work at JP Realty? How uncomfortable that must be!! What if Jordan wants to get rid of her?

    2. The soon-to-be-vanished Mayor declared a conflict of interest because she is working there. So I guess she is. For some reason she hasn't updated her LinkedIn or FaceBook profiles. Wonder why...