Friday, April 24, 2015

New News and an Explanation Revision

From the DMN. There will be a special meeting Tuesday night for information about Staples ethics investigation,

My bet, no ethics violations will be found.

On another matter, Wendy has updated her arrival about the investigation of a private citizen of Richardson. Seems the city attorney now claims no private investigator was hire.

It seems the story the city attorney/city staff wasn’t quite accurate.


  1. And, it's still full of holes. Pete Smith's response for clarification does not say an investigation didn't happen. He says his office has no record of it, as if to say the office of the city attorney is the repository of public records. It's not.

    Of course, this comes well after the expiration of the document retention time period. If you were a crooked public servant and had a legal opportunity to destroy records showing evidence of wrong doing, would you?

    Remember, this is the guy who stood before the City Council in a work session on public records retention and told everybody in the room, "I you do not want messages regarding public business in your private email accounts to become public, delete them." It's safe to say, he stands by his words.

  2. Oh, there will for sure be something found. How the results get contorted into a confusing explanation claiming no impropriety will be the entertaining part.