Monday, April 13, 2015

How My 2015 Ballot Will Be Filled Out

Place 1 - Rick Wilder

Place 2 - No Vote Cast

Place 3 - No Vote Cast

Place 4 - Claudia Tatum

Place 5 - No Vote Cast

Place 6 - No Vote Cast

Place 7 - Minnie Pearl

Surprised? Or Ticked?

First, any candidate that is supported by the Richardson Coalition will not get my vote. That has been the case for the past several election cycles. It hasn't made a difference, but I'll keep going that way.

The exception is, I don't want to give away my choice on mayor to the coalition folks. I will cast my vote for my limited choice on the mayor. Of all the people on council that could be mayor, she is the best choice.


  1. I probably will vote along the same lines, not having made a decsion on Place 4 yet.

    However, my write-in for Place 7 may be Mark Jordan

  2. Voting for a sleaze-ball like Mayor Mascara is not an option. She was hand (nose) picked by Snakelvich and the Evil Empire. Her demonstrated lack of ethics by running for re-election when she has no intention of serving and apparent conflicts of interest with the developer are not worthy of one's support. What about a suitable write-in candidate, or is that "verbotten" in Germania aka Richardson? If allowable, conduct a poll to see who your readers would think make the most honest, trustworthy, transparent, and effective leader for the city. Then launch a grass-roots get-out-the-write-in-vote campaign for that individual and see what happens. Worth a shot.

  3. I understand and appreciate the citizens' desire to bring in some new faces not associated with the Coalition, but Claudia Tatum is not the answer.