Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fuel for the Fire, Ethics and Who Knew What When

Here is an interesting quote from Mark's post of a review of the council forum last night.

  • Are any changes needed to the city's ethics policy?

    Tatum: When I get elected, I will push for an investigation.

    Wilder: City has a good ethics program, but citizens don't always hold officials accountable

  • Someone in the audience then interjected that the "man who just left" [Bob Townsend] "asked the mayor to resign." He also said the Place 4 council member resigned because he couldn't take it anymore. I know I'm burying the lede here, but I'm just reporting from somewhat sketchy notes. There's video available from Cheri Duncan-Hubert in case you want to learn who said it and what his exact words were. 

I have heard this several times before, Kendall Hartley was told back in September something was amiss and not on the up and up with the soon to be former mayor and the developer, It was amiss enough that he no longer wanted to have any part in it or the city council.

Video of the forum will be posted in a day or two.


  1. Wouldn't it be a hoot if Bob and Rick from Place 1 and some other Councilperson would all pledge to resign after the election, forcing the entire mess into a special election?

    That would have Mayor and two other council seats empty. The rush to file for all of the available seats would be something to behold.

  2. This is interesting. The person in #4 knew back in September, and didn't say anything? Who else knew?

  3. Richardson city officials have never been accountable. Their record of destruction of records and ignoring laws is legendary. There are countless instances of the people getting run over, robbed and exploited for the benefit of people who are well connected with a group of insiders.

  4. We need a champion on the Council now, one who will resign immediately after the election and before the canvass the vote meeting when Laura makes her move.

    Or, if we can convince mistress Gibbs/Maczka to quit before the election, another person could resign after the election and not participate in the Council shenanigans to select a pro-tem and appoint a Mayor for the next two years.

    The person who resigns to force a special election will win my vote for Mayor. Who will be the Real Hero in Richardson?