Friday, April 17, 2015

City of Richardson Explanation for Investigation of a Private Citizen Is Called a Lie

A few days ago, Friday April 10th,  I wrote about the city using its power to investigate a private citizen of Richardson.  See

The choice for the city to do this should make a chill run through every citizen of Richardson. Whether or not the former city manager, former police chief, or the current city attorney violated laws in the legal system, I cannot say. But very clearly, this appears to be abuse of power. It is also very offensive and worrisome.

After publication that, the DMN apparently asked for and got an answer from the city about why the investigation was done. See

Nathan Morgan has provided more information about what seems to a wrongful use of taxpayer money and wrongful actions by the former city manager, former police chief and the current city attorney.

It seems the explanation provided from the city is a quite simply a lie. I don’t know what else to call it. There are only two councilmembers still on the council from that time, Steve Mitchell and Bob Townsend. The current city manager was the deputy city manager at the time. Answers are needed.

Here is Nathan Morgan’s response to what the staff of the City of Richardson claims:

“On April 5, 2007, Randy D Virgil of Information Services Investigations submitted the public information request to the Richardson Police Department.

Bill McCalpin's cites, "Original suit filed 10-26-2007 in the 68th District Court, Dallas, Texas."

The big question is, why did the city of Richardson justify their investigation of a private citizen as an expert witness in a civil suit that didn’t exist? Liars!

I offer my response to the city of Richardson's tale published about investigating me.

While we can accept the standard practice of investigating potential witnesses in an indefensible civil suit, there is more to the story than the city has disclosed. The city's now admitted investigation uncovered multiple simultaneous marriages of another individual by the same name of a different ethnicity.

What was not provided in the published explanation is how portions of the information gathered that included insinuations of polygamy were anonymously mailed to friends and prominent members of the community, and why. Was this an effort to cast an upstanding citizen in a bad light in the community, or an effort to discount legitimate testimony in a legal proceeding?

It is true that I once divorced an unrepentant, adulterous spouse and have suffered many insensitive questions as a result. One day the Mayor's husband may get questioned by a curious political insider regarding the number of times he has been married that will revive horrific recollections of the betrayal of the day.

To be certain, whatever happened prior to deciding to become a Richardson resident had no bearing on the City of Richardson's decision to violate state law by holding meetings closed to the public, or any of the countless other instances of questionable actions by a municipal government long-overdue for renovation. It seems clear to me that my investigation of the city revealed some equally, if not more uncomfortable circumstances and this was just a way to get revenge.

This is yet another example of the city's deceptive practices. Richardson residents deserve better.

Nathan Morgan”



  1. I would like to say I was handed a copy of this investigation. It was handed to me by someone not on the city staff. The implication of that is clear.

    1. That is quite a teaser. Please provide more details. Do you still have a copy of this handout. I have heard of it but have not seen it. If you still have it, forward and I will post.

    2. I can try to find it but in all of my papers I am not sure I can. It listed exactly what was discussed above. Multiple marriages by someone with the same name where the next marriage occurred before the divorce. That part was a listing without any identifying information to say that this person or persons were the same.

    3. You have the cover of anonymity. Do tell. Who gave it to you? That person probably gave it to others. And, may be the one doing the mailing. Any backbone there?


  2. Using our money to investigate other Richardson Citizens??

  3. The fact (or implication of same) that the COR and/or RPD conducted improper or illegal investigations of citizens for other than lawful purposes should be no surprise to anybody who has been around a while. I know for a fact that the practice occurred under the Kenneth Yarbrough/Bob Hughey "reign" and it no doubt has continued. What is very interesting is that if RPD utilized TCIC/NCIC resources (TX DPS and FBI files, respectively) for such an investigation, then a crime occurred.

    1. True story. The use of TCIC/NCIC for this kind of thing is something respectable law enforcement officials take seriously. The problem is in finding a respectable law enforcement official who saw something to say something, and the courage to take the heat for blowing the whistle. Of course, likely the only ones who know are the guilty parties. That's the trouble with a town this size.

  4. It's fairly simple to find out if they did use the resources via the inquiry records and who actually made the inquiry or for whom it was done. I can assure you that there are PLENTY of RPD personnel who will happily cooperate in such an investigation if it will jam up one or more of their management types. There is no love lost there as evidenced by a recent employee survey that absolutely torched the command staff.