Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Charter Review Committee Meets Tomorrow, Wednesday

Charter Review Committee Meets Tomorrow, Wednesday

This week has been a bit wild by Richardson’s standards and many question have been raised.

The Charter Review Committee will be meeting tomorrow even to discuss modification to our charter. So far, few people have taken the time to show up. A few more than that have sent letters to the charter commission with their concerns.

Given the events of the past few days, it is time for the citizens to start paying even close attention, and even more so with the charter review going on.

It appears it has been designed to try and keep the public out of the loop. The meetings are literally in a backroom at city hall and are not being recorded by the city.

The meetings are pretty much led by the city attorney, who proposes the changes. It is not the members of the committee who are coming up with most of the ideas, but the city attorney. The structure is at fault, not the members of the committee.

This year, because of events which were not foreseen, the next mayor will once again be selected, not elected to that position. The part of the charter dealing with what happens in a case like this needs to be changed. From what I hear, even some of the commissioners want to revisit this part of the charter.

You attendance will show the citizens are interested. Lack of attendance, may show the citizens of Richardson just don’t care. Absolutely the citizen’s choice.

You may also click on the charter commission link and write your comments for the commission to read at this link: https://discovery.cor.gov/Public/CitySec/BandC.nsf/CharterComments.xsp

Rather than the link, I would send an email to the city secretary asking her to forward the email to the charter commission (I like a paper trail).

The documents for the meeting can be found here: http://cor.net/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=12626




  1. looks like even the aggies have turned on Mayor Mascara....

    with the FBI involved and people likely to go to jail, do we really need to worry about the charter review right now?

  2. Even with everything else that may or may not happen, yes, the charter review is important. What is going on is important, but transient. The charter is long term.