Thursday, April 23, 2015

Channel 8 news - 10 pm Friday Night

Tomorrow night, Friday night at 10 pm, Brett Shipp will be air a report about emails and an interview with Laura and a few others relating to our mayor, a guy named Mark, and the apartment project, Palisades. There seems to be some concerns about an edited email turned over to Brett and an unedited email turned over by someone else. It will probably be eye opening.


  1. Brett Shipp - 3 Peabody Awards, famous father just passed away

    Mayor Mascara - lied to her husband and kids, cheated on her husband so a developer could get a deal approved, selfish adultress, who won't resign

    Getcha popcorn ready!!!

  2. She did pretty good all things considered. The shifty eyes didn't help. Looked like she was grasping for a way to explain a way out.