Wednesday, April 29, 2015

An Oscar Worthy Performance


  1. Well there IS a lot going on in her life. That's unfortunate, particularly for the kids.

    However, I got a feeling this might be another step closer to "The investigator and People have spoken. I will sacrifice and serve as Mayor for another term."

    As long as she does not take part in any Sooner/ JPRealty votes, what could possibly be a problem? Right??

  2. And now we are at a very critical juncture in the city's mess. Will we all walk away and let things return to the old, worn and nasty staus quo? Or will there finally be meaningful participation and oversight of the governmental operations here? There's lots more going on that is not being addressed and it continues due to apathy.

    Get busy, get angry and get in their faces every week. Challenge their hidebound positions and comfy relationships. Stand up some candidates and kick some folks out. Even more daring, would be a broad ranging recall effort of several, or all, of them. It's your city, not theirs. Take it back!

  3. Laura Maczka must have an incredible ego to keep playing this game. Total disregard for the citizens of Richardson and even her own kids.

    Can you imagine what it's like for her kids right now? She's destroying her relationship with them a little bit more everyday this drama (which she created) continues.

  4. The results of the ethics investigation came as a surprise to no one. It was what we expected from the lawyer that the city chose to hire.

    But the narcissistic diatribe by the mayor when she had the "last word" was astonishing and reached a new low. So she has health issues and money issues and mortgage issues and mom issues. Well, welcome to the sorority, Ms. Maczka. You are now one of us since you will no longer be propped up by the Richardson Coalition. You will actually have to work at a full time job like so many of your sisters.

    The poor-pitiful-me-look-what-I've-sacrificed for the city of Richardson speech was surreal. As a mother, I am appalled that she referenced her sons twice during her rant. It is unconscionable to me that she used a public and professional venue to talk about being unhappy in a marriage for 10 years and borrowing money from her parents so she could keep her big house in a prime area of town.

    Here is a news flash Laura: sell your house and downsize instead of borrowing money from your elderly parents. YOU are what is important to your sons - not your house.

    There seems to be no limit to the gall of these elected officials. The silence by the City Council was deafening.

    April 29, 2015 at 10:57 AM

    1. The interesting part. She may have violated the open meeting act with that speech. It was not on the agenda. And it seemed Pete Smith was trying to prevent her from speaking. On the agenda discussions were to be have. I might be wrong about it violating the open meetings act, but it sure did seem to be a speech aimed at those who spoke questioning her integrity and honestly.

    2. It was prepared and typed well in advance-it stated that "as anticipated, the investigation has determined that no conflict of interest or ethical violations occurred." There weren't two choices to pick from when reading from the document. Was that known ahead of time too? Timelines, date stamps and time stamps are tough for her.

  5. It was pitiful that she used her pulpit to get the "last word". Who is advising her? Doesn't she realize its just making it worse and more embarrassing for herself, her kids and the City?

    As long as she keeps bedding her boyfriend, its like she doesn't care.

    Dallas Observer is now on this:

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