Friday, February 27, 2015

Who Is Running For Council?

This morning I requested an update list of those who have picked up packets for city council and those who have actually filed to run. It is interesting!

Update 6:00pm : Here is the list of who did file for city council.

Place 1 -Bob Townsend, Rick Wilder
Place 2  -Mark Solomon
Place 3 - Scott Dunn
Place 4- Claudia Tatum, Mabel Simpson
Place 5- Paul Voelker
Place 6 - Steve Mitchell
Place 7 (Mayor) - Laura Maczka

Most interesting is Laura Maczka has not filed to run. There is a reason for that, probably. That reason may be linked to why Kendall Hartley has yet to actually file and the apparent choice of the last person to sign up for a packet to run for his seat. Rumors abound, and where there is smoke, there is usually fire (more on that later).  So let’s hope the right thing is done and the right choices are made concerning the best for the public.

D. John Tanner, for an unknown place, has picked up a packet and Mabel Simpson picked up a packet and seems to be running for place 4. Mabel was seen at the CC meeting Wednesday night whispering and being all chummy with Bill Sproull. As for Tanner, he is a well-known supporter of the Richardson Coalition. As of 5/15/2013 he had made 5 donations to the Coalition for a total of $1,450. Only 11 people have given more to that organization.

Here is a list of those who have actually filed to run:

Bob Townsend - Place 1

Rick Wilder - Place 1

Mark Solomon - Place 2

Scott Dunn - Place 3

Claudia Tatum - Place 4

Paul Voelker - Place 5

Steve Mitchell - Place 6

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  1. good lord! if she does proceed, it will not be for a full term. there are too many rumors and too much whispering going on, from her own crowd! for her sake i hope she doesn't run.