Friday, February 13, 2015

Richardson Scored a “B” in Open Records Request

The DMN, over the past year, put to test government agencies on how open they truly are. The DMN Watchdog then reported.

Richardson, along with many other cites, didn’t make the print article. But they are listed at this link with grades:

To be honest, I thought the City of Richardson would score an A or A+. The city secretary’s office has been fairly responsive to the requests I have made, even back in the Keffler/Slagel days. At times back them, performance was less than stellar. Toward the end of the Keffler/Slagel reign, I would get notification at about a quarter till five on the 10th day. Now, it seems I get the notice as soon as the request is filled.

The DMN giving them a “B” is probably a more unbiased score, and probably about right.

So there are two relatively positive posts in a row for Richardson on this blog this week (actually with 14 hours). That doesn’t happen often. Times are a changin’.

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