Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Red-lines for the Charter Meeting Tonight - 2/4/15

The discussion tonight seems to be centered on the city council. It look like there will no be change for direct election. Here are the proposed changes by the city attorney:

The meeting starts about 6 PM. Dinner starts about 5:30 PM. If you want to dine, you will need to fend for yourself.

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  1. Very clear that current incumbent Council and the Richardson Coalition who put them there through funding and votes from precinct 4 do not want single member district election of council persons. The only way single member districts will happen in Richardson is if accomplished by petition, as was direct election of the Mayor.

    It is almost ludicrous that proposed changes to the Charter not only will invalidate past Charter violations, but also lessen prudent restrictions that currently exist.

    But when the Council chooses those serving on the Charter Commission, most of whom are clueless as to the Charter, or individual thoughts about amending it, and uses the City Attorney to unilaterally propose Charter changes for their positive votes, which have so far been given, how can one really expect to see other than a controlled outcome? So what if the proposed changes are subject to a citizen vote?

    Any vote simply ratifies what changes those currently in control have already imposed in the Charter amendment process.