Friday, January 16, 2015

Upcoming Charter Meetings Could Be More Intense

The next couple pf Charter Commission meeting could prove to be a big deal, depending on whether or not the members want to take us back in time to a point where the voters do not get to choose their mayor.  Or, it could just be another relatively boring meeting where I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.


The scheduled February 4th meeting will review sections of the charter concerning City Council, Nomination and Election of the City Council.

At the end of the January meeting, the chairman warned the members of the committee that the next couple of meetings might a bit more intense because of the subject matter.

So direct election of the mayor may, or may not, be a hot topic at the next meeting.

As for the Feb. 11th meeting, I don’t know for sure would be the hot topics, but apparently something will be. That meeting will Budget, Taxes and Bonds. Currently, the charter say all debt must be voted upon before it can be issued. That means the issuance of CO’s without a vote by the public is inconsistent with the charter rules. I would look for this to be changed to be consistent with state law.

How many people would know the answer to this question: “How much each year is spent on economic development and incentives?

I would like to see a page in the budget each year that lists all of the economic development and incentives that are given away to those few special people and companies at the expense of all of the other regular taxpayers. (I won’t hold my breath waiting for this to happen!)

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