Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Charter Meeting – Slowly Changing from the “Smith Commission” to More of a Charter Commission

The Charter meetings are improving over time. There seem to be more comments from the members as time goes on. This would be an improvement. Maybe it just takes time for them to find their voices.

The meeting last night was an improvement over previous meetings. Once the meeting got going, Jason Lemons brought up a few points and discussion followed that maybe there does need to be more time to allow for gathering signatures. He also brought up the point that maybe the requirements for a successful petition should be changed from 10% of all registered voters to a larger percentage of those who voted in the last election, which would have the effect of lowering the number of signatures required. In the end, they decided to stay with a percentage of registered voters rather than a percentage of those who voted in the previous election.

Perhaps one of the most surprising of the suggested changes was to Section 6.01. Since the first charter, the city manager has been limited to a two year contract. It was suggested they eliminate that restriction, and they voted to do so.

My take on that restriction would be that you don’t want to tie the hand of future council. Suppose one council signs a 20 years contract with the manager of their choice. And then suppose the next council really does not like the previous council’s choice, and then fire’s the guy. The taxpayer’s would probably have to pay for two city managers. Not a good deal for the taxpayers.

There was other interesting stuff going on and you can see it when the video is uploaded.

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