Thursday, September 19, 2013

Expensive Pooping Grounds

Anonymous email:

Read in the Morning News with some humor Richardson's Park Director Mike Massey's comment that Richardson "needs" a Dog Park, and it would cost $1.5 million.

Some would say that a dog park is a "want" not a "need." I am in that group. Richardson's road infrastructure is in woeful condition. When the City is only capable of providing $1.75 million per year to address that real need, spending considerable funds on a dog park, or funding an indoor pool don't seem the most prudent use of scarce financial resources. It's like a person buying kid gloves, but then having no money for socks.

With the conditions of some of the roads in Richardson, a dog arriving at the dog park will arrive with the need for a tinkle and poop.


  1. Why don't you put the dog park at City Hall. There is already a lot of "poop" there.

  2. I like that idea. Let's put the dog park on the vacant land area just west of City Hall and we would not have to spend $1.5m. Parking areas are already there. A that would be needed is a waterin' hole and a couple of small bleachers. It's a win-win! lol

  3. Mike Massey is usually wrong. His careful mismanagement of all things aquatic are so epic that I have to take my kids to Dallas to do any real competitive swimming. If they had been gymnasts like his kids we would have been all set. I'm sure the dog park is a bad idea since Mike is behind it.

  4. Actually making use of the expansive grounds at city hall for a dog park would be a great idea. Parking and land is already there. Free fertilizer provided by the dogs would just be an added bonus. It make sense to keep expenses down and make good use of land the city already owns. Win-win for everyone.

  5. 11:49am
    It does make good sense, but do you really think the city has good sense? I don't think so. Take watering for example. Why should the city be any different than we citizens. They could water one day a week as we do, but nooo they let water run down the streets when they water the medians.

  6. Everything is a $Million in Richardson. I remember Slagel wanted to slip in a road sign for a cool million.

    Don't be stupid. When the bond election comes around it will be one of the hype items. In reality a dog park should not cost more than $100,000.

    The rest of the money will be laundered into some other expenditure just like all the other times over the years, suckers!

  7. I didn't vote for any of them!