Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More About the "Non-Existent" Agenda 21

We all know that Agenda 21 does not exist and is just a conspiracy theory someone has made up that lots of people are getting worked up about. So don't bother to read the article since the article probably doesn't really exist either.

Restructuring Government Towards Green Thinking and Acting

It is such a shame that our government has limited placed on it, you know, limited goverment stuff. Wouldn't the world be a much better place if government had free rein and could tell everyone exactly what to do and when. We don't know what is good for us, only government know. We need a 1 World Government to get rid of our constitutional right and the bill of rights. Then there will be Utopia. Right!


  1. You guys are crackpots.

  2. You guys are crackpots.

  3. One of the major impediments, the study says, is created by America’s “basic framework of government, established by law,” which is “one of separated and dispersed authority,” in which “government agencies at all levels -- federal, state, local, tribal and even international -- can only do what they have been authorized to do by their governing authorities -- namely, Congress, state legislatures, etc.” -- not to mention the U.S. Constitution.

    Uhhh, ya think it might be a problem of taking away the core basic inalienable rights of the public?

    1. "can only do what they are authorized to do" - except in Richardson where they violate the charter and statutes on a regular basis.

  4. You guys are crackpots