Friday, May 10, 2013

Richardson Coalition Junk Email

So here is another in a long list of junk email’s from the Richardson Coalition . So this is what they think makes Laura Maczka a highly qualified candidate for mayor?

  • She is a home grown leader with strong endorsements
  • Her personal background is solid
  • Her goals for the city will lead us in the right direction

That’s all? How about what she has done over the past two years? It appears she has done absolutely nothing based on their endorsement, other than being a team player. Maybe someone can provide a list of accomplishment? Based on the Richardson Coalition, it looks like this race is really a race for "most popular" rather than who is the best leader.

1 comment:

  1. Laura is a nice person. She has a nice family. She lives in a nice neighborhood. She is Mayor Pro Tem.

    Before she was forced to run for Mayor in an election, she had the nod to be appointed the next mayor. She said she wasn't a member of nor beholden to the Coalition. She didn't rock the boat. She didn't start any inquiries. She did give lip service that she would pursue issues of citizen concern.
    She was against voters electing the mayor.

    After her mayoral apointment was blown away and she had to run, there were still no substantive actions she undertook. The Coalition endorsed her. She accepted the endorsement. She didn't condemn the mailings the Coaoliton sent that malighned untruthfully her opponent and his minor child.

    What has she done for the citizens? Not one identifiable thing. Does anyone believe if she were elected change in the way
    City Government operates in secrecy and the excesses in employee credit card use, and being the only city around that allows only elite employees to cash out accrued vacation days by simmple request when every other city allows vacation pay to be paid only on retirement?

    The answer to that can be seen in the picture at her last rally. She is standing with former City Manager Bill Keffler and former mayor
    Gary Slagel.