Thursday, May 9, 2013

Laura Maczka Shooting Herself in the Foot

This morning on of the first email I got was from Laura Maczka announcing a rally tonight at II Creeks. For those that don’t remember, this is the area where the city council several years ago threatened to take away property by use of imminent domain, TC Shaved ice.

Anyway, the shooting herself in the foot part … the email came out this morning for the event tonight. But there is a catch … you had to RSVP by Wednesday, yesterday, by 5pm.

click to enlarge
So maybe she really doesn’t want that many people there, who knows? I am curious though, if anyone did RSVP by the deadline? Or did she just delay sending me the email since I might not have voted for her?

Just kidding there … I know it is just an error in getting the notice out.


  1. I got her e-mail about the rally on Sun. The e-mail I got this morning was asking for donations, not about the rally.

  2. I just rechecked to make sure I did get it today. Yes, I did get it at 10:50am today. Sooo, I must be on her special list!

    I did get the one asking for money at 11:25am today. That one appears to be on time with everyone elses.

    All is good with the world.

  3. dc, I guess she didn't want you to show up at her rally! I don't blame her ;)

    I thought it was weird that she was asking for money two days before the election. Maybe because she needs to pay the RC back for mailer expenses?

  4. Me either anonymous 3:07!!
    I can live with that.

  5. Think of it this way. She is keeping a naughty list and a nice list. You are on the nice list. She doesn’t want to expose you to naughty ones supporting her. Ha!

  6. Nice to know that it's centrally located, as a signal to all in Richardson that it's not East Richardson vs 'Richardson' any longer.

    Wait .. you say this is in the deepest reaches of Canyon Creek?


  7. Curious, well, maybe not, that she would hold a rally in the heart of a failed economic development project. Hopefully, this will be an omen for her political campaign. Clearly the base of her support, the Canyon Creek Country Club would have been a more fitting venue. Across the street ought to provide enough distance to dissuade any elitist criticism.

  8. She, her hubby, Jeffers and Slagel all looked unhappy in the Facebook photo she put up tonight. Maybe they see they will not win the election.